Trinity Kickboxing Championship 2 Oct. 25th 2014

Trinity Kickboxing Championship 2

Oct. 25th 2014


Trinity Kickboxing Championship is excited to present the 2nd show in our
fight championship series . As promised we will bring high level action
packed K-1 rules kickboxing to the east coast, while expanding from class
A-B amateurs to professional bouts. Stay tuned in the near future to find
out who will be competing on the October 25th card. We hope all is blessed
and would like to inform you of our upcoming Trinity II  event on Oct. 25th

For more info on advanced tickets go [HERE]

Doors: 6:00pm
First Bout: 7:00pm sharp

Rahway Recreation Center
275 East Milton Avenue
Rahway, NJ 07065

B class 125-130lbs
Christina Pucciarelli (The Institute) vs Sam Abrams (Thornton Martial Arts)

B class 130-135lbs
Will Rivas (TSMMA) vs Alban Usini (AMA Fight Club)

B class 130-135lbs
Mark Hassmiller (Mercer-Bucks Muay Thai) vs James Chasarik (The Institute)

B class 147-154lbs *(Title Fight) *
Macho Soto (The Institute) vs Justin Muslija (TSMMA)

B class 140-147lbs
Jaime Mendoza (Camp Sao Lak / Spyda Muay Thai) vs Tony Fletcher (Thornton
Martial Arts)

B class 140-147lbs *(Title Fight) *
Juan Rosario (Camp Undefeated) vs Karl Nemeth (Precision MMA)

B class 140-147lbs
Farag Ibrahim (Elite Plus MMA) vs Matt Range (TSMMA)

B class 147-154lbs
Brandon Cutler (IKAT) vs Frank Wells (The Institute)

B class 147-154lbs
Andrew Salas (Zealous Nation) vs John Esposito (The Institute)

B class 155-160lbs
Alex Stine (Bad Guy Muay Thai/Killer Bee) vs Ryan Dalton (Strategic Academy)

B class 160-168lbs *(Title Fight)*
Victor Romero (Strategic/Weapons 9) vs Collis Marques (AMA Fight Club)

B class 170-175lbs
Santiago Sanchez (Cohn Lee Kenpo) vs Caleb Taylor (Camp Sao Lak)

B class 180-185lbs
Ken Jones(Stay Fly Muay Thai) vs Cole Boulanger (Sitmangpong Thai Boxing)

B class 205-210lbs
John Zapata (Zealous Nation) vs Robert Cruz (The Phoenix Way)

Shedrick Goodridge (Camp Sao Lak) vs Harley Beekman (Extreme MMA)


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