Truly Growing the Game!


Truly Growing the Game!



Stars Showcase Skills to Inner City School

Key members of the Thailand Mixed Martial Arts federation paid a visit to Wat Klong Toei Nai school and performed a demonstration for the students, aimed at educating them in the art of MMA.


President of TMMAF Jitinat Asdamongkol arrived at the school with two superstars of Thai MMA, Shannon Wiratchai and Rika Ishige, Thailand’s President of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Niti Techottiasnee, and founder of MMA organization Full Metal Dojo, Jon Nutt.
Niti provided a running commentary whilst the superstars showcased their varied skills involving multiple combat techniques, such as boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu and Thailand’s own martial art, Muay Thai.

16111654_10154710090036006_1348360236_n (1)An MMA contest involves multiple techniques which can be used to win the bout, yet the TMMAF were there to show that MMA is a legitimate form of self defense, as well as being an art form that is fun to learn and spiritually rewarding.

Jitinat said: “MMA is still considered a young sport in Thailand with many people who still don't really understand that it's a legitimate combat sport and not just human cock fighting that people here like to call "Cage Fight" or "Muay Grong" in Thai.”

“So we at TMMAF want to change that perception by introducing and educating the young newer generations and their parents and teachers about what MMA is, and that's why we are here today to give a little demo about MMA not just from the perspective of MMA as combat sport, but also to show them that MMA can also very effectively be applied in self-defense situations as well as providing fun fitness-oriented activities that need not always be combative, that kids can also derive both physical, mental and spiritual benefits from just like in any good martial arts.”

16117651_10154710150596006_774581636_n Shannon Wiratchai(6-1) and Rika Ishige (1-0) are both signed to the Asian MMA giants One Championship and are both fighting on the forthcoming card in Thailand on March 11th at the Impact Arena. Rika is Thailand’s first high profile female MMA fighter, whilst Shannon is Thailand’s highest profile male fighter and both are examples that MMA is also a legitimate profession for aspiring athletes.

Shannon said: “It was nice to show the kids about a new sport for Thai people where you can, if you train and live a good life, make it to the world class level.”

“We hope we not only opened their world, but also inspired them about fighting spirit and also, through Rika, showed them women are not always weak if you know the right way to fight.”

Forthcoming MMA events to take place in Thailand include Thailand Fighting Championship on January 19th (Kao Lak), followed by Full Metal Dojo on February 25th, and One Championship on March 11th (Bangkok).

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