UAM Combat Results


UAM Combat Results


The city of Cajamar received the first edition of the UAM Combat


The official launch of WMAU - WORLD MARTIAL ART UNION, or UAM - the Martial Arts Union, as it is called in Brazil, took place on April 23 in the city of Cajamar, Sao Paulo, with the first edition of the UAM Combat.

ninathaiThe Jiu-Jitsu fighting between brown bands Isac Machado Silva, Gracie Barra, who beat Erik Silva, of Cicero Costha by points (5-0) opened the event and it was a taste of what lay ahead, as the match was good match and lifted the audience, even being on a Sunday of a long weekend, appeared in good numbers and filled the by Brazil Restaurant and Events.

The second fight of the evening was the dispute of the Paulista Belt UAM, in container 61-70 kg where Douglas Gava (Academy Kenshi) realized, early on, that his opponent, Ozie Alexandre felt the low kick and gave tray the way to victory. It was only stress, and after a few shots on the leg, forced him to give up combating 2min25s R1.

In the Category 71-80 kg Murilo Trindade and William Pereira left for frank striking and followed a staggering pace until the end of the first round where, despite William have attacked more, Murilo was more technical and managed to fit the most hard blows, including some knees in the trunk, which undermined the "gas" of his opponent. William could not stand keep pace in the second round and gave up the fight after 48 seconds.

josevalmirThe dispute of the last Paulista Belt promised to be the fight of the night, but early in the round, Cassio Rafael hit a very hard low kick that injured his knee Nivaldo da Silva, TKO at 1min05s.

Two veterans took to the ring to compete in the Brazilian Belt Category 71 to 80 kg. Valmir Jose dos Santos, 40, and Daniel Antonio da Silva, 42, made a duel modes between Muay Thai and Karate, respectively, where used, almost exclusively, the blows with legs. José Valmir applied a high kick to the head of Daniel accurate and won the match, the 1min54s of R1.

The night's main event was between John "Samurai" de Souza (Ryan Gracie / Takeshita Team) and Willian Pinheiro da Silva (Gold Dragon Force Team), but Samurai was injured in the heating and the fight was postponed. Thus, the female combat was promoted to the "main event" and lived up to the title. Nina Thai and Cristiane Maria made more balanced fight and undoubtedly best of the night: both attacking all the time, with good combinations of blows and alternating the lead during the three rounds. The balance was such that one of the side referees gave a draw and the other two scored 29x28 for Nina, who won by majority decision and became the first Brazilian Champion of UAM, closing the first edition of the UAM Combat with a golden key to the satisfaction Shihan Reinaldo José Gomes, founder of UAM and event organizer.

"It was not easy to get here, but we are marking the next edition for the second half of this year. Of course we need to improve some points, this is our focus: hold the second edition better than the first, third better than the second and so on. Many thanks to all who believed in our proposal. See you soon! "He ended Shihan Gomes.

Check out the official results:

Jiu-Jitsu: Isac Machado Silva (Gracie Barra) defeated Erik Silva (Cicero Costha);

São Paulo Belt 61 to 70 kg: Douglas Henry Gava (Kenshi Academy) Ozie won Alexander Smith "Oyama" (Ton MuayThai) TKO 2min25s to R1;

Paulista belt 71-80 kg: Murilo Silva Trindade (Fight Point) defeated William Pereira da Silva

(Matrix Seishin Kyokushin) by TKO at 48 seconds of R2;

São Paulo belt 81 to 90kg: Cassio Rafael (Dragon Force Gold Team) beat Nivaldo da Silva Cardoso (Team Silverio) TKO 1min05s to R1;

Brazilian belt 71 to 80 kg: Jose Valmir dos Santos (Gold Dragon Force Team) knocked out Daniel Antonio da Silva (Full Contact Karate) to 1min54s of R1;

Brazilian Belt 61-70 kg: Aline Silva Ferreira "Nina Thai" (Ton Muay Thai) won Cristiane Maria da Silva (Earth Tribe) by majority decision.

Photos: Marcos Santos - Magazine Footprint


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