Ultimate Reborn Fight 5 is bringing MMA into the church


Ultimate Reborn Fight 5 is bringing MMA into the church


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-02 at 18.54.23 (1)Ultimate Reborn Fight prepares its fifth edition in the tradition of bringing MMA into church

MMA is indeed a very democratic sport and it is not uncommon to see events trying to innovate by bringing new formats and struggles performing sites. The URF is now traditional MMA paulistano scenario, innovated in its first edition to perform a professional MMA event in a church and follows the same formula to this day, keeping the technical level of their struggles and taking a message of peace and I love the fighters and public. The unexpected junction between the church and the struggles earned the URF the title of largest Christian event of MMA in the world and prepares its fifth edition for March 10, in the old Gymnasium Portuguese today Renascer Arena, from 18 hours.

Initially the Renascer Church in Christ opened the door for them to be carried out some training at specific times to attract more people into the sport. Over time, was held the first event ever professional MMA and how the idea was very well accepted by everyone today, beyond the event, the church also has a team of fighting, Reborn Team, which is currently led by the pastor and master Roberto Pedroso, the "Pastor Jiraiya." Over five years of existence the team has had about six thousand students and the highest result of the good work done was the revelation of Joseph Alexander, the "Zé Reborn" which has been named as one of the best fly-weights of Brazil, he led the national ranking for two years and was among major national events and with a solid career in MMA.

The main event of the evening will feature the big names of the current national scene. William Cilli, one of the big bets of the Chute Boxe team of São Paulo will face Edmilson "Cai Cai" by the lightweight division. Cilli boasts a record of 12 wins and only 4 losses. Despite the excellent school of striking, Cilli has 10 wins by submission, proving to be very versatile and complete. Edmilson already has a record of 4 wins and only 2 losses and this already undefeated for 3 fights. Also owns a good standup Edmilson like standup which can be great for the audience that will see a great duel.

In the co-main fight of the night, the star of the house, Joseph Alexander, Joe Reborn will face Nikolas "Carioca" by flies. Without acting since May 2016, Joe Reborn hopes to return to active duty with the right foot winning and convincing one of the main events of São Paulo. professional athlete since 2011, Joe will have all his experience as a key point for this duel that can mark his return to the octagon.

Other evening highlights are Gustavo Oliveira, owner of a razor sharp striking and also Wanderley "Mexican" indicated in the top five athletes in the revelation Award Osvaldo Paqueta this year. The URF takes place on March 10, from 18 hours in the old Gymnasium Portuguese, currently Renascer Arena and tickets can be purchased with the card of athletes or even in churches Reborn in Christ. See below for the card of the event so far:

Ultimate Reborn Fight 5
March 10, the Renascer Arena, from 18 hours

CARD EVENT (Subject to change)
William Cilli vs Edmilson "Cai Cai"
Joe Reborn vs Nikolas Carioca
Peter Fury vs Robby Silva
Juninho Alves vs Thiago Besourão
Paulo Paixão vs Thiago Shark
Moacir Rock vs. Adriano Korean
Wanderley Mexican vs Cicero German
Gustavo Oliveira vs Léo capoeira
Raul Small vs. Kevin Hard Bone
Hebert Brito vs Leandro Enoch
Caio Schimek vs Douglas Rock

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