V3Fights: Sanders vs. Anders Results


V3Fights: Sanders vs. Anders Results



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Team Madhouse will have Steven Gagnon cageside to bring you LIVE results

V3Fights: Sanders vs. Anders 

Dekarie Sanders vs. Eryk Anders 185 lbs - Anders defeats Sanders by RD1 RNC 

Bryce Mitchell vs. Bobby Taylor 150 lbs - Mitchell defeats Taylor by RD1 Triangle Choke

Nick Davis vs. Kevin Henry 145 lbs - Davis defeats Henry by RD1 Tapout(due to strikes)

Jason Aldridge vs Matthew Holmes 200 lbs - Aldridge defeats Holmes in RD1 Head an Arm Triangle @:032 

Adam Denton vs. Alex Castaneda 145 lbs - Denton defeats Castaneda by Split Decision

Rudy McGlothlin vs. Tyler Smith 155 lbs - Mcglothlin defeats Smith by RD2 RNC

Alvin Williams vs. Seth Anderson 150 lbs - Anderson defeats Williams by RD2 Kneebar


V3Fights Title - Michael Walker vs. Ethan Milisano 135 lbs - Walker defeated Melisano by RD2 Guillotine Choke and is the New V3Fights 135 Champion

Erica Fincher vs. Melissa Stringer 138 lbs - Stringer defeats Fincher by Split Decision

Rhece Davis vs. Greg Hussey 145 lbs - Hussey defeats Davis by Unanimous Decision

Terry Johnson vs. Dinh Bates 170 lbs - Bates defeats Johnson by RD1 Armbar 

Chase Mann vs. Holden Ledbetter 155 lbs - Mann defeats Ledbetter by Unanimous Decision

James Conway vs. Khalil Boyd 185 lbs - Conway defeats Boyd by RD2 TKO

Shayne Goforth vs. Ira Sherrod 265 lbs - Sharrod defeats Goforth by RD1 TKO

Cole Davis vs. James Wells 170 lbs  -Wells  defeats Davis by RD1 TKO(referee stoppage)

Sam Wallace vs. Lorenzo Nathan 205 lbs - Nathan defeated  Wallace by Split Decision


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