Vartanyan has snatched a victory from “Frodo”: the ACB 27 tournament results


Vartanyan has snatched a victory from "Frodo": the ACB 27 tournament results



Vartanyan has snatched a victory from "Frodo": the ACB 27 tournament results

Abdul-Rahman Dzhanaev Eduard Lionheart Vartanian (1)

This past weekend the international promoter Absolute Championship Berkut continued its expansion into new territories. This time it was decided to "conquer" the Tajikistan capital, Dushanbe, and one can confidently say that the development of new lands went according to the plan. The excitement was just incredible – not all martial arts fans could fit in the arena which was fully packed. And hardly even the most sophisticated fan left home disappointed that night – almost every fight of the tournament kept the audience in suspense from the first to the last second. The culmination of the ACB 27 was the main card with 5 out of 6 bouts not lasting till the decision.


One of the most exciting and fast-paced confrontations was the first fight of the main card: the battle between Abdul-Rahman Dzhanaev (Russia) and Abdisamat uulu Durusbek (Kyrgyzstan). The tournament matchmakers have decided to add some intrigue to the tournament by causing a clash between two fighters who had not known defeat in the cell before. Such battles always stand out with a hard and uncompromising struggle, since both fighters are well aware that after this bout only one of them will have zero losses. Often the athletes are too cautious in such situations, but to the delight of the audience in this confrontation we have witnessed the opposite approach. While trying to catch his opponent, Dzhanaev throws a risky backfist and hits his vis-?-vis right on the chin; as a result the Kyrgyz athlete is in the deepest knockout already in the first 5 minutes.

In three subsequent matches the athletes decided not to fall behind their colleagues and also completed their fights in a single round. The fighters Abu "Gladiator" Azaytar, Arthur Odilbekov and Gadzhimurad Antigulov have one by one won by impressive TKO with no problems.

And the main intrigue of the night – the long-awaited clash between Magomedrasul "Frodo" Hasbulaev and Eduard "Lionheart" Vartanian. Before the fight there was a lot of controversy, forecasts and assumptions. The opinion of the majority was inclined to that Vartanian would not be able to cope with the much more experienced and seasoned opponent. Nevertheless, the representative of the "Fight club ?1» managed to prove the opposite. Together with his coaching staff Eduard prepared an excellent game plan in which the emphasis was on using his benefits in the height and the length of his limbs. However, as Mike Tyson said, - "Everyone has a plan for the fight before the first blow to the jaw." As a result, almost the entire bout was a tenacious wrestling confrontation, for the most part of which the athlete from Moscow was dominating. After three rounds the referee raises Vartanian’s arm, marking his win by unanimous decision. The athlete said of his triumph: "It was extremely difficult and very hard! Everything went wrong from the start and the battle turned out to be tenacious and tedious. The price of a mistake was very high. All the result is on the shoulders of my team and my coaches Magomed Kamilov, Magomed Abdulkadyrov, Maxim Baskakov and Denis Mikhalev. I’d like to thank my opponent Magomedrasul Hasbulaev, it’s a great experience and an honor!”

The ACB promotion management is thankful to all the people involved in organizing the tournament in Dushanbe. It was only the first event taking place in Asia under the auspices of our organization, but one can say that everything was at a very high level. There were also some negative issues that we’ll take into account and will try to level in the future. Thanks Tajikistan! We’ll definitely come back here again.

All results of the ACB 27 tournament:

14.  Eduard "Lionheart" Vartanian defeats Magomedrasul "Frodo" Hasbulaev via unanimous decision

13.Gadzhimurad Antigulov defeats George Luis “Michelan” Bazerra via TKO.

12. Abdul-Aziz “Lion” Abdulvakhabov defeats Julion “Field” De Almeidan via TKO.

11. Abu "Gladiator" Azaytar defeats Ibragim Tibilov via TKO.

10. Vladislav Stepanov defeats Firdavs Nazarov via TKO.

9. Abdul-Rahman Dzhanaev defeats Abdisamat uulu Durusbek via KO.

8. Islam Makoyev defeats Baz Mohammad Mubariz via choke.

7. Grigory "Crusader" Kichigin defeats Tarek Suleiman via unanimous decision.

6. Denis Mutsnek defeats Magomed Ginazov via unanimous decision.

5. Arthur Odilbek defeats Alexey Metelitsa via TKO.

4. Dilovar Davletov defeats Alexander Pisarev via unanimous decision.

3. Mubaraksho Mubarakshoev defeats Konstantin Zabavin via unanimous decision.

2. Fayzi Tobatov defeats Kirill Horobets via TKO.

1. Ibragim Navruzov defeats Kadyrbek Adanov via unanimous decision.


Information about the ACB League:

The MMA League Absolute Championship BERKUT was founded in early 2014 based on the fight club "Berkut". Since March 2014, the League has held 26 international tournaments with fighters from Russia, Brazil, Belgium, France, Poland, Kazakhstan and many other countries.


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