VÍDEO – Road to Brave 5: Carl Booth vs Tahar Hadbi

VÍDEO - Road to Brave 5: Carl Booth vs Tahar Hadbi

The welterweight showdown between England's Booth and the French-Algerian Hadbi is everything the fans love to see: a duel of strikers where a knockout always seems close.

After a successful run at the English circuit, Carl Booth debuted at Brave last December with a second round knockout win over Gadzhimusa Gaziev. The British became instantaneously a fan favorite and brought the eyes of the world over his accomplishments.

While that, Tahar Hadbi was building an impressive reputation in the European scene, and then in the Asian local events. Now it's time for Fast Hands to bring his expertise and fan-friendly style to the international stage in the search of his 14th professional win.

But before Sunday's main event, Brave takes you to Nottingham and Paris, to follow the path that led these two warriors to the cage. Get to know the stars of India's debut card with exclusive access to their daily life and training in "Road to Brave 5: Episode 1".

The stage is set and the time is now, who will emerge victorious: Carl Booth or Tahar Hadbi?

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