Weights from Tacoma – Battle at the Boat 96

Weights from Tacoma - Battle at the Boat 96



Emmanuel Lartey 145

Steve Forbes 145

Contract Weight: 145 Lbs.



*Cameron Sevilla-Rivera 165

Daryl Gardner 159

Contract Weight: 160 Lbs.



Jared Teer 146.5

Marcelino Pineda 145.5

Contract Weight: 147 Lbs.


Chris Wheaton 127

Jeremy McCleary 131.5

Contract Weight: 135 Lbs.


Ricardo Madonado 135

Manuel Mendez 136

Contract Weight: 136 Lbs.


Harrison Bevens 161

Cole Milani 158.5

Contract Weight: 161 Lbs.


Jared Torgeson 220.5

Mike Hayes 229

Contract Weight: Heavyweight


*The Sevilla-Rivera camp came to a monetary agreement with the Gardner camp to offset the weight difference.

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Battle at the Boat 96

Battle at the Boat 96

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