Will the Lightweight Title stay in New Zealand?



Will the Lightweight Title stay in New Zealand?


In just 10 days New Zealand native Kieran Joblin will battle Bernardo 'Trekko' Magalahaes for the AFC Lightweight Title.

New Zealand has had a grasp on this piece of AFC Gold for some time now with Daniel 'Hangman' Hooker the previous custodian. However after numerous title defences against Rusty McBride and Nick 'Banjo' Patterson Dan has vacated the title to pursue a career in the UFC which gives Kieran Joblin the chance to keep the title in NZ.

This will be the first time we have seen Kieran since AFC 5 and he is excited to be back in Australia's number 1 MMA promotion:

"Since I last fought at AFC I've been training hard and working on all areas of my MMA game. I've kept busy picking up a NZ Lightweight Title and the WKBF Oceania Lightweight belt as well"

Kieran has the added advantage of training with some of the best NZ fighters on a daily basis at Strike Force:

"I'm lucky to be surrounded with the best coaches and training partners. We are all pushing each other and growing as a team"

At AFC 10 Kieran will come up against his most experienced and credentialed opponent however he's not intimidated:

"He's a experienced veteran and fought some of Australia's best Lightweights and he's good at what he does"

As good as Trekko is, Kieran believes he has the tools to defeat the former UFC fighter:

"I'm having a solid camp, gonna come into this fight in good shape, push the pace and take it to him"

The pursuit of AFC Gold is one of the key driving forces for Kieran as he prepares for the title fight at AFC 10:

"It will be a huge achievement not just for me but for my coaches and training partners to win the AFC belt and keep it Strike Force"

The excitement for this fight is at boiling point, and Kieran plans to give the AFC fans something to cheer about come August 16:

"Definitely gonna put on an exciting fight for the fans and look for the finish"

If you want to see Trekko and Kieran battle it out for the AFC Lightweight Title get your tickets now: http://afcmma.com.au/afc_ticket/

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