Wyderko Makes Pro MMA Debut While Peckham Looks To Right The Ship At PFC7

Wyderko makes professional MMA debut while Peckham looks to right the ship at PFC7


At PFC’s Rock “N” Rumble event on November 21, the standup aficionado Jonathan Peckham_Wyderko_WEB-2Wyderko will make his second trip to the PFC stage and his professional MMA debut against the PFC debuting Matt Peckham.


PFC fans will remember Wyderko from his debut MMA win back in January of 2013 at the Paramount. Though known for his intense striking skills, Wyderko has hit a streak he’s not pleased with.


“Well everyone knows I'm a Muay Thai fighter. I've always been a fan of MMA and all aspects of it. I've had a rough patch in Muay Thai, starting off as a pro 0-3 with all my losses by decision. I definitely feel I got the bad end of two of those decisions. I'm a competitor and I wanted to get back at it, whether it was Muay Thai or MMA,” Wyderko said.


Peckham has an eerily similar situation going on within his own fight career.

“This year has been rough. Back-to-back losses have really been bugging me. I’m a lot bigger than my last fight and most important to me is I’m mentally stronger than ever,” Perckham said.


He’ll need that mental strength as the Denver crowd will be firmly in Wyderko’s corner.


“That’s no problem,” Peckham said. “When I was staring out in Nebraska I had twelve MMA fights against home town fighters. They were all away games.”


While PFC fans have already seen Wyderko win once, there are big differences between amateur and professional fights. When asked why this was the right fight and the right time to go pro, Wyderko simply stated that there is never a right time for anything, just the moment.


“I don't just compete for wins and losses, I compete to better myself. Nothing proves that your technique is more effective than using it in a fight. I'm an athlete and I always strive for progress,” Wyderko said.


With both fighters overcoming losses in various combat-sports, being overly cautious and nerves may play a part in this fight.


“Always a little. People who say they don’t [get nervous] are lying. Growing up skateboarding my whole life I’ve been doing things that are nerve-racking. Its I love,” Peckham said.


A longtime fan of P.O.D., Wyderko knows that the crowd is going to be rowdy that night, but that means nothing to him.


“I always have nerves before any fight regardless of the size of the show. I'm focused on one thing and one thing only and that's taking care of business. There could be a circus going on in the background for all I care,” Wyderko said.


The biggest storyline out of this fight may be that Peckham is a replacement. While that may upset some fight camps Wyderko seems ready to go.


“I'm excited that I still have a fight. My main focus when I train for fights is to improve on myself and be the best version of myself I can be. I don't think much about my opponent, that's not something I can control. The good thing is that they're both physically similar, but I'm not expecting the same type of opponent. Regardless of who is put in front of me, I still have to show up and perform to the best of my ability,” Wyderko said.


Peckham appears to be chomping at the bit to get in the cage.


“He is tough but my style is a bad matchup for him. I’ve been waiting my whole career to fight a Thai boxer,” Peckham said.


As for fight-night predictions, he thinks fans should make room on their shelves for a new hero.


“I don’t want to reveal my game plan but ‘Spider’ Matt Peckham will definitely be a new fan favorite,” he said.


Wyderko looks to a song lyric and his father’s words for insight.


“Can I quote P.O.D. and say, ‘Here comes the boom’? And, I’ll use one of my favorite quotes growing up my dad would always tell me, ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog’.” Wyderko said.


Will Wyderko remain undefeated with PFC or will Peckham become a new fan-favorite and ruin his opponent’s professional debut? The only way to find out is to be there to see this as well as the rest of the stacked R“N”R card and a P.O.D. concert at the National Western Complex on November 21.


Go to www.RnRMMA.com for tickets.



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