Xiaomi ROAD FC 030 Official Results, Photos: Choi Hong-Man and Mighty Mo advance to Openweight Tournament finals


Xiaomi ROAD FC 030 Official Results, Photos: Choi Hong-Man and Mighty Mo advance to Openweight Tournament finals


Road FC 030 (1)

Xiaomi ROAD FC 030 Official Results, Photos: Choi Hong-Man and Mighty Mo advance to Openweight Tournament finals


17 April, 2016 -Xiaomi ROAD FC 030 took place at the Beijing Workers Stadium Complex on 16 April, 2016 in Beijing, China. Nine thrilling fights kept every member of the audience of on the edge of their seat from start to finish.


In the Openweight Tournament Semifinal matches, Mighty Mo and Choi Hong-Man scored decisive victories to send them into the final Championship round.


Aorigele was the audible crowd favorite when he entered the cage against Choi Hong-Man. Aorigele used the momentum and aggressively went after Choi. Choi weathered the onslaught and with his back to the cage delivered a knee to the body that apparently spelled the beginning of the end for 140kg Aorigele. Choi finished him off with ground and pound to seal his spot in the Openweight Tournament final.


Mighty Mo threw everything he had at Myung Hyun-Man, who was incredibly calculating and avoided the damage. But Mo showed off his remarkable compliment of skills by taking down Myung, gaining side control, and delivering a brutal neck crank for the finish. Mo will face Choi in the Openweight Tournament final.


Yan Xiaonan delivered another impressive performance in her bout with Lim So-Hee. From taking Lim's back standing in the opening stanza, to delivering a side kick and punches combo that made Lim wither, Yan had the fight from the word go. She earned yet another victory by TKO.


Alatenheili and Sasaki Fumiya looked as if they had as much fun in their fight as the audience did watching them. Alatenheili appreciated Fumiya's slipperiness, but he figured out a way around it. With a big takedown that had the whole stadium cheering, Alatenheili got to mount and pounded away until the referee stopped him.


He Nannan started out with a smart game of punches and shoots against Alexey Polpudnikov. However, Alexy came out with a spinning back fist and the tide completely turned. He Nannan shot again, and Alexy reversed it with a hip toss, mounted, delivered ground and pound, then finished with asuper tight back choke.


Albert Cheng received a huge uproar for Chinese support for his first return since TUF China. It was definitely grappler versus striker as Albert doggedly hunted the single and Yuki Ishihara tried to hunt for his head. Albert's work on the ground in the first and grinding side control with a near kimura in the second earned him the decision victory.


Yang Junkai earned a quick and surprising victory over massive striking veteran Oh Du-Suk when he knocked him down early and the referee waived off the fight.


Jang Ik-Hwan had the reach but Zheng Xiaoliang had great footwork to keep him out of danger. Even when he was taken down, Zheng smartly used the cage to get up. The back and forth match came to a head in the second round when Zheng nailed a high-flying throw, but Jung latched on halfway through and ended up in prime position for an armbar for the finish.


Shang Lianru vs Kim Se-Yeong was an incredible fight to start the night. Kim looked to be strong with his boxing and clinch, then Shang's sanda side kicks and head kicks started finding their way home. A yellow card to Shang for low blows and a takedown to ground and pound for Kim edged out the scorecards in Kim's favor, but the rock 'em sock 'em was a win for everyone.


Xiaomi ROAD FC 030 Official Results

16 April, 2016

ROAD30 Kim Se-Yeong def Shang Lianru

1st -65.5kg Featherweight Match

Shang Lianru VS Kim Se-Yeong

Kim Se-Yeong defeats Shang Lianru by decision 3:0

ROAD30 Jang Ik-Hwan def Zheng Xiaoliang

2nd -61.5kg Bantamweight Match

Zheng Xiaoliang VS Jang Ik-Hwan

Jang Ik-Hwan defeats Zheng Xiaoliang by Armbar, Rd2, 0:26

ROAD30 Yang Junkai def Oh Du-Suk

3rd -65.5kg Featherweight Match

Yang Junkai VS Oh Du-Suk

Yang Junkai defeats Oh Du-Suk by TKO (Punch) Rd1, 0:18

ROAD30 Albert Cheng def Yuki Ishihara

4th -70kg Lightweight Match

Albert Cheng VS Yuki Ishihara

Albert Cheng defeats Yuki Ishihara by decision 3:0

ROAD30 Alexey Polpudnikov defeats He Nannan

1st -65.5kg Featherweight Match

He Nannan VS Alexey Polpudnikov

Alexey Polpudnikov defeats He Nannan by Submission, back choke, Rd 1, 2:05

ROAD30 Alatengheili defeats Sasaki Fumiya

2nd -61.5kg Bantamweight Match

Alatengheili VS Sasaki Fumiya

Alatengheili defeats Sasaki Fumiya by TKO, Rd 1, 1:34

ROAD30 Mighty Mo def Myung Hyun-Man

3rd -Openweight Tournament Semi Final

Mighty Mo VS Myung Hyun-Man

Mighty Mo defeats Myung Hyun-Man by neck crank, Rd 3, 1:12

ROAD30 Yan Xiaonan def Lim So-Hee

4th -52kg Strawweight Match

Yan Xiaonan VS Lim So-Hee

Yan Xiaonan defeats Lim So-Hee by TKO (referee stop) Rd 1, 3:28

ROAD30 Choi Hong-Man def Aorigele

5th -Openweight Tournament Semi Final

Aorigele VS Choi Hong-Man

Choi Hong-Man defeats Aorigele by TKO (Pounding) Rd 1, 1:36


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