Xiaomi ROAD FC 036 Official weigh in results, quotes and photos


Xiaomi ROAD FC 036 Official weigh in results, quotes and photos


Xiaomi ROAD FC 036 Official weigh in results, quotes and photos

For immediate release:

February 10, 2017 – ROAD Fighting Championship announces the official results from the weigh ins for Xiaomi ROAD FC 036 on February 11, 2017 at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea.

In the full card of 15 matches, only one fighter did not make weight on the first try, and all matches will proceed. Leo Kuntz was over by a mere 150 grams past the allowance on his first try, so the bout will proceed with penalties based on the final weigh in amount.

Additionally, Batmunkh Burenzorig suffered a last minute injury and was replaced in the bout against Toninho Furia. Lee Hyung-Seok moved up from a reserve bout and steeped up against Furia on last-minute notice. In the reserve match, Park Hae-Jin will now face Cho Young-Seung.

The International Trials Group A for the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament are featured on Xiaomi ROAD FC 036, and the main event is former ROAD FC Middleweight Champion facing Kim Nae-Chul to be the next contender for Cha Jung-Hwan's title.

After each face off, the fighters gave their comments, as follows.

Andy Main: “I am delighted to be able to participate in this competition and this is the first time there has ever been such a big prize in Asia as well as internationally. I'm sure I will win the championship.”

Kim Chang-Hyun: “I spent a lot of money preparing for this match, as it's my return after two years. Please watch what I'm going to do.”

Kim Won-Ki: “I am so happy to participate in this $1 million tournament and I know this opponent is a strong fighter. I will win by any means except fouls.”

Shamil Zavurov: “Now my condition is very good and what I expect is, as always, victory.”

Park Dae-Sung: “I'm Park Dae-Sung with Team MOB. I believe everyone gets three big opportunities in life, and this is tournament is one of them. Because I am young, I will survive until the end of it.”

Rodrigo Caporal: “I respect every fighter, but my goal is to be a champion.”

Hong Young-Ki: “I challenged for the featherweight title and challenged in a lightweight tournament. But this is my first foreign opponent. However, I feel the same feeling of a Taekwondo fighter is coming from Kunz. I want to be in the best condition and have the best fight with him tomorrow.”

Leo Kuntz: “I am sorry to Hong Young-Ki because I didn't make weight. Thank you for accepting the fight. I am glad to be able to come back to Korea and plan to have a good time with my Korean family after the match. I'll show you a great performance tomorrow.”

Albert Cheng: “Thank you for inviting me to Korea. I am happy to be in the tournament. Let me just say one thing: I came here to win. Thank you.”

Sasaki Shinji: “In December, I lost to the champion by KO. This time, I will give you a great victory after winning.”


Kim Nae-Chul: “I thankful for being able to participate as the main event for such a big tournament. I am very excited to fight tomorrow. I'll fight like crazy. Thank you.”

Fukuda Riki: “I think it's an honor to be the main event of this great contest.”

ROAD FC Lightweight Champion Kwon A-Sol: “I have competed with some of you, and watched some of you, but I want you to fight hard so that you can win the tournament. I do wish that the Korean players will not be disqualified. I would like one of the Korean players to come up and fight me.”


New Wave MMA ROAD FC is the stage where legends shine, rookies thrill, and epic battles are waged that determine the future of MMA. From the pageantry of the grand entrance to the final crunch of the KO, ROAD FC showcases the very best of Mixed Martial Arts sports and entertainment. As we say in Korea, "Fighting!"


Event: Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 036

Date: Saturday, 11 February, 2017

Place: Jangchung Arena, Seoul, South Korea

Live in Korea on MBC Sports+

Live in China on CNTV

Live in Japan on Abema

Live internationally on YouTube and Facebook


Official Weigh-In Results


[Part 2]

Displaying 1 ROAD36 Fukuda vs Kim.JPG


Fukuda Riki VS Kim Nae-Chul

Fukuda Riki : 84.35kg (Pass)

Kim Nae-Chul : 84.5kg (Pass)

Displaying 2 ROAD36 Sasaki vs Cheng.JPG


Sasaki Shinji VS Albert Cheng

Sasaki Shinji : 70.4kg (Pass)

Albert Cheng : 70.3kg (Pass)

Displaying 3 ROAD36Kuntz vs Hong.JPG


Leo Kuntz VS Hong Young-Ki

Leo Kuntz : 70.65kg (Fail) 50% purse deduct, match will proceed, will have 4 hours to make weight or lose 5 points in the first round

Hong Young-Ki : 70.3kg (Pass)

Displaying 4 ROAD36 Caporal vs Park.JPG


Rodrigo Caporal VS Park Dae-Seong

Rodrigo Caporal : 70.5kg (Pass)

Park Dae-Seong : 70.4kg (Pass)

Displaying 5 ROAD Yoshiko vs Cheon.JPG


Yoshiko VS Chun Sun-Yoo

Yoshiko : 77.85kg

Chun Sun-Yoo : 67.6kg

Displaying 6 ROAD36 Zavurov vs Kim.JPG


Shamil Zavurov VS Kim Won-Ki

Shamil Zavurov : 70.5kg (Pass)

Kim Won-Ki : 70.5kg (Pass)


[Part 1]

Displaying 7 ROAD36 Moon vs Nakahara.JPG


Moon Jea-Hoon VS Nakahara Taiyo

Moon Jea-Hoon : 57.45kg (Pass)

Nakahara Taiyo : 57.5kg (Pass)

Displaying 8 ROAD36 Furia vs Lee.JPG


Toninho Furia VS Lee Hyung-Seok

Toninho Furia : 70.4kg (Pass)

Lee Hyung-Seok : 70.2kg (Pass)

Displaying 9 ROAD36 Kim vs Main.JPG


Kim Chang-Hyun VS Andy Main

Kim Chang-Hyun : 70.4kg (Pass)

Andy Main : 70.25kg (Pass)

Displaying 10 ROAD36 Torres vs Tlauov.JPG


Ronys Torres VS Ermek Tlauov

Ronys Torres : 70.4kg (Pass)

Ermek Tlauov : 70.5kg (Pass)

Displaying 11 ROAD36 Cho vs Park.JPG


Cho Young-Seung VS Park Hae-Jin

Cho Young-Seung : 70.5kg (Pass)

Park Hae-Jin : 69.6kg (Pass)

Displaying 12 ROAD36 Ki vs Jung.JPG


Ki Won-Bin VS Jung Jae-Il

Ki Won-Bin : 70.2kg (Pass)

Jung Jae-Il : 70.4kg (Pass)


[Opening Matches]



Min Kyeong-Chul VS Cho Young-Jun

Min Kyeong-Chul : 69.5kg (Pass)

Cho Young-Jun : 70.4kg (Pass)



Park Su-Wan VS Seo Dong-Soo

Park Su-Wan : 57.25kg (Pass)

Seo Dong-Soo : 57.4kg (Pass)



Seo Jin-Soo VS Lee Seong-SU

Seo Jin-Soo : 61.75kg (Pass)

Lee Seong-Su : 61.7kg (Pass)



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