It’s been said that wrestlers usually make the best MMA fighters.  And although that is usually true, a lot of times other athletes cross over into the sport of MMA and are just as successful.  This is true when it comes to former University of Memphis track star, Amaechi Oselukwue, aka “The Infamous AO.”


AO was born and raised in Nigeria and now resides in Memphis, TN.  He trains out of Clinch Works MMA and has thirteen professional fights credited to his name.


Oselukwue used to fight a lot when he was young and has always been into martial arts, and when he got a glimpse of the UFC at a young age, he knew that is what he wanted to do some day.  After he graduated college, in which he earned his degree in photo journalism and excelled in Track and Field, he went and found an MMA gym and never looked back.


On January 18, he faces an opponent with equal athleticism when he takes on Jaquis Williams.  These two met a few years ago as amateurs and Oselukwue won that bout via unanimous decision.  AO sees this fight going the exact same way:


“Honestly this fight is a waste of my time.  I do not see it going any different than it did the first time we met three years ago.  I’m stronger, faster, and more experienced, plus he has never faced opponents on the level that I have since day one.  I’m not sure why he feels he is better than me now, but I will allow him to think that.  The only chance he has of winning this fight is ‘luck’” states Okelukwue.


Can history repeat itself?  This question will be answered on January 18 when ‘The Infamous AO” enters the V3 cage!!!!

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