Wednesday Night is Fight Night: Mir Vs Duffee at UFC Fight Night 72


Wednesday Night is Fight Night: Mir Vs Duffee at UFC Fight Night 72


Wednesday Night is Fight Night: Mir Vs Duffee at UFC Fight Night 72

A lot of MMA fans are waiting for the fight in August but there's also the equally interesting: The Mir and Duffee fight that will see a young upstart take on arguably one of the most decorated heavyweights of all time.

Todd Duffee is hungry to take down a legend, and his wish for doing so was granted in April when the fight was announced against Frank Mir. Duffee will face Mir in what many are expecting to be a very interesting fight with both fighters at cross roads of their career.

Despite Mir’s achievements in the octagon, however, age has always been a huge factor in matches at the elite level. Remember the fight at UFC 60? That was pretty painful, considering how Gracie easily took down opponents twice his size in early UFC’s one-night tournaments. But the landscape has changed significantly since Gracie’s reign at the top. Todd Duffee may have just returned from a two-year layoff but he's still 7 years younger than Mir who is close to 40-years-old.

Apart from his age, Duffee's advantages over Mir are his quick, heavy hands as well as his athleticism. Who can forget his impressive win at UFC 181 when he was able to KO Anthony Hamilton within a round? But analysts aren't dismissing Mir just yet. After all, he’s a decorated BJJ practitioner and he’s coming off a KO win against the imperious Antonio Silva at UFC Fight Night 61. Cagerank believes that Mir has a 62% advantage over Duffee. Mir has a better submission game, superior reach, an ironclad jaw, and is extremely difficult to hit.

UFC fight Night 72 will be held in San Diego’s Valley View Casino, which is quite a rare for one of San Diego’s most popular hotspots considering it usually features theatrical plays and Disney shows. However, it isn’t at all surprising considering how important UFC matches are to brick-and-mortar gaming businesses today.

The UFC and casinos go well together since both have similar target markets. The UFC has a huge young-adult demographic, which is also the target of many land-based casinos today. The launching of night clubs that offer EDM-themed music, as well as superhero and pop culture-themed slot machines are proof that casinos want young adults to frequent their establishments. The dawn of online casino providers are being countered by casinos offering a plethora of entertainment options to the patrons. And while, even the first ever online portal to be launched online, Maltese-based , remains a major player in the casino industry, featuring UFC events at casinos are a great way to drive patrons back to physical casinos and create new healthy revenue streams for casinos across the world.

Tickets to UFC Fight Night 72 are available .

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