November 9/2015

In these modern times of MMA you just don’t know who to believe. The all mighty ZUFFA knows what they want everyone to believe with their consistent over hyping of certain fighters.

@carlthemadmanCasual fans fall right into this trap and that’s what they want. Hardcore fans know the truth! NO ONE IS UNSTOPPABLE! The greatest fighters of all time have fallen and will continue too. Check out this site for tips for betting on mma as I find it the best resource out there for casual MMA fans to really learn the truth about these fighters.


We all know the the UFC ranking system is extremely flawed and favours who Zuffa deems right. Or do we all know? Do they take great joy in making fools of their fans? Or is this a ploy by ZUFFA to trick people into the great underdog story when in reality it may not truly be an underdog fighter. Is this a part of the plan? Is it in the story lines that ZUFFA dreams up behind the scenes to try and capture interest?


You may agree or disagree. I may be completely out of my mind! It no secret that I’m not a fan of this organization. Got something to say? Comment below, I’d love to read your thoughts.



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