Skippy Cohen

I am Skippy Cohen owner and President of MMAmadhouse. I grew up overseas and fell in love with Danish kickboxing as a kid then moved to the states in the earlier part of the 90's.  The sport of Muay Thai fighting was then introduced to me mid 90's through some VHS tapes and I found a passion I would never let go of.  As MMA became popular in the early 2000's in the states I began to really follow some local fighters who transitioned from Thai fighting to MMA. The more I delved into it the more I wanted it in my life.  Not too much longer and I would met Carl "The Madman" Mortensen the original owner of MMAmadhouse.  We both had the same passion for combat sports and he invited me to cover some events and write some articles. Well, that was all it took as 7 years later I own part of the company with him and a group of investors.  I have worked none stop to help bring the coverage the MMAmadhouse fans asked for. We now have worked with hundreds of promotions all over the world. We have sponsored fighters, help gear up 300 plus fighters who live in poverty, come from broken homes or trying to find a better path in life. We have sponsored events all over the world and built great relationships well doing all this.  I am bless with an amazing family at MMAmadhouse who all help to make this dream of Carl's work. I will always stand behind the slogan we made famous! #SupportLocalMMA  

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