Battle at the Boat 98 Fight Recap



 Battle at the Boat 98 held at Emerald Queen Casino had all the excitement needed for an action packed boxing event. Fans got what they paid to see and by that I mean brutal fist exchanges and knockdowns! The fighters put their heart into the fight and the fans got a great performance. Both main event and co-main event were the highlight of the night delivering an upset victory and an all out war!
        In the co-main event, Local prospect Cameron Sevilla-Rivera took on BC native Aubrey Morrow. In the first round, Rivera was dealing the more significant damage and out striking Morrow. It was looking bad for Morrow until Morrow fired back with a shot of his own landing a straight right hook in round 2, wobbling Rivera. Morrow kept the momentum in round 3 landing heavy combos getting a knockdown. The fight continued but not shortly after, Morrow landed a loud body shot that put Rivera on the ground and forced the referee to step in causing the bout to stop at 2:24 of Round 3, giving Aubrey Morrow an upset victory on formerly undefeated Cameron Sevilla-Rivera.
       In the main event, Local slugger Mike Garvonski faced Gerardo Ibarra in a back and forth battle that had the crowd standing on its feet from start to finish. First round, Ibarra came out controlling the ring while delivering quick combos, dipping in and out of punches, staying out of Gavronski's range. Second round, Ibarra pushed the pace harder and landed two vicious left hooks following them up by a couple body shots to end the round. Third round was a very back and forth battle, having both boxers deal heavy damage with Gavronski delivering a straight right cross and Ibarra landing hard hooks from inside range that wobbled Gavronski.Fouth round, Gavronski started turning around as the aggressor landing hard jab combos and not letting Ibarra land any combos of his own. FIfth round, Gavronski stayed in control of the ring pushing forward while working the jab followed by a few good right cross'. Sixth round was an even display of how both fighters were still holding on for a win, answering to each exchange thrown at them. Seventh round was all Gavronski landing heavy combos to the body and head, almost getting a knockdown on Ibarra as the round ended. In the Eighth round, both boxers stayed on the conservative side working the jab and staying out of each others range, but Ibarra landed more damage earning him the round.  Rounds Nine and Ten could have been the most exciting and grueling part of the fight with both boxers leaving everything they had inside the ring. Ninth Round went to Gavronski landing a fury of body punches and pushing forward. Final round had fans on their feet astonished that both boxers were still fighting for a finish, but it was Gavronski who lead the aggression landing many significant punches that had the crowd thinking the bout was going to be over. After it was all said and done, judges gave the victory to local Tacoma boxer Mike Gavronski in a unanimous decision (97-93, 97-93, 96-94).
FIght Results:
**Battle at the Boat 98**
Main Event (10 round fight): 

Mike Gavronski def. Gerardo Ibarra via Unanimous Decision (97-93, 97-93, 96-94)

Co-main event (6 round fight):

Aubrey Morrow def Cameron Sevilla-Rivera via KO Body Shot at 2:24 of Round 3

Undercard (4 round fights):

Will Hughes def. Marcelino Pineda via Unanimous Decision (39-37, 39-37, 39-37)

David Robinson def Daryl Gardner via Majority Decision (38 38, 39-37, 39-37)

Adam Querido def Mickey White via TKO Body Shot at 2:15 of Round 3

Benny Vinson def Jeff Hatton via TKO Referee Stoppage at 1:31 of Round 3

- Written and reported by Peter Artman (@Petetorious)


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