ESPN2 Friday Night Fights – Battle at the Boat 94 Quick Results

Battle at the Boat 90


ESPN2 Friday Night Fights – Battle at the Boat 94 Quick Results


Televised Bouts

Lateef Kayode def. Jonte Willis                                  TKO6                     1:07

Zahir Raheem def. Bayan Jargal                                 UD(99-91)(99-91)(97-93)

Juan Antonio Rodriguez def. Yenifel Vicente       MD(77-75)(76-76)(77-75)



Jeremy McCleary def. Gerardo Reyes                    UD(39-37)(40-36)(40-36)

Cameron Sevilla-Rivera def. Jared Teer                  KO1                        1:46

Eduardo Alicea def. Jas Phipps                                   MD(38-38)(39-37)(39-37)

ESPNs battle at the boat was a great way to start the new year as far as combat sports go. Drowned in a loud local crowd, the atmosphere of the Emerald Queen Casino was livid with fans who stayed for the whole card to see pure boxing action.
The main event with Juan Rodriguez vs Yenifel Vincente took place in the super middleweight division. This quick pace bout was one of the most exciting fights of the night for the back and forth exchanges and keeping the fast pace throughout the whole fight. Vincente being a replacement coming in on one weeks notice put up a great fight counter punching his way through tight spots and putting it to Rodriguez every round. But it was Rodriguez who controlled the ring while used superior reach and timing to put vincente into corners and even scored a knockdown that sent vincente out of the ring. Rodriguez scored a majority decision over Vincente for the Super Middleweight belt.
Co-main event was Zahir Raheem vs Bayan Jargal which although went the distance, was an exciting fight you thought was going to end in the early rounds. Bayan Jargal is an explosive fighter that was swinging to finish and never hesistated to push forward. But Zahir Raheem had the answer for all the exchanges countering and staying clear of Jargals heavy swings. Noted, few thought Jargal got 2 knockdowns on Raheem but was a slip or loss of balance. Zahir Raheem kept his guard tight getting the unanimous decision.


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