FFC moments of the year 2017

FFC moments of the year 2017

With 2017 ticking away, Final Fight Championship published its traditional recap with some of the best moments that will define this year when it comes to this fighting sports promotion.

From FFC’s first two-division champion to exciting newcomers and inaugural bantamweight bout in MMA, FFC was kept busy all year long with events to be remembered.

When it comes to stats, in 2017 FFC featured 18 kickboxing bouts, 17 MMA fights and 2 professional boxing matches. But 2017 also saw some changes in FFC kickboxing rankings when Samo Petje became FFC’s first two-division champion. FFC also crowned Andi Vrtačić as promotion’s new middleweight champ, while heavyweight Mladen Brestovac remained undefeated.

2017 was also exciting when it comes to MMA title bouts. Luka JelčićDarko Stošić and Filip Pejić successfully defeated their belts via dominant TKO and KO wins.

However, 2017 was also the year of FFC newcomers and excellent young fighters that joined the FFC ranks and will definitely shine in the future!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and novelties in 2018!

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