Grand Prix Super Champions 2016 Results


Grand Prix Super Champions 2016 Results


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GP_LigaMuayThai (9)Noel Rosa neighborhood welcomed him with open arms the League of Muay Thai, which provided a weekend of beautiful fighting to lovers of Martial Arts

In last weekend (Saturday 25 and Sunday 26) the court of Samba School of Vila Isabel States, North Zone of Rio, received the Grand Prix Super Champions 2016 and the first. Step Amadora League Muay Thai. Tournaments organized by the League of Muay Thai, chaired by Master and referee Flávio Almendra, one of the best referees in Latin America and with 20 years of career.

On Saturday, the Grand Prix of the Super Champions in 2016, met all champion athletes professional GPs carried out within the four stages of the Thai Amateur Muay League, with athletes from all over Brazil. 12 fighting, the GP was divided into three categories, up to 66kg, 70kg and 77kg.

GP_LigaMuayThai (6)In the three title fights of the night the results were: In the category up to 66kg, the athlete Diogo Mana (Yogi Thai) came out on top against Jimmy (RMT) winning by unanimous decision at third. Round, he became champion and won the belt of the category. Jimmy won the reserve fight against Bruno Buakaw and accredited to the final against Diogo, replacing the athlete of Art Fighters, Victor Hugo who was injured in the previous match against Cristiano França MR Jop.

In the fight to 70kg, Hannan Goes (Guy Gym) won by TKO at 1:38 of the second. Round, the favorite athlete and Adriano Tractor (CT Luis MG), but before the final, the athlete made a balanced fight against Marcos Vinícius (PRVT), ensuring the victory unanimously in third. Round and accrediting to the final against tractor.

GP_LigaMuayThai (1)In the last match of the Super Grand Prix Champions 2016 and the stiffer the night, vying for the title belt and category 77kg. Wesley Mendes (Indio Team) and Renan Altamiro (AFC Thai Center) staged the fight of the night. Both athletes showed blood in the eye and technique. In the final, Wesley Mendes got the better and won Altamiro by medical intervention (cut in the right eyebrow), at 2:33 of the second. Round.

On Sunday, 26, it was held the first. Step Amadora League Muay Thai with over 50 fights, the event began at 10 am and lasted throughout the day.

The Muay Thai League plans to hold 3 or 4 Thai Professional Muay events per year and continue introducing at least two professional fights, to amateur tournaments to serve as inspiration for the athletes, and also show how a professional fight is held. The desire of the League is to promote, popularize and make the Muay Thai is great.

Tributes made by Master Flávio Almendra in GP

GP_LigaMuayThai (3)The President Flávio Almendra, honored Alessandro Sousa, who died in January 2016 and the board component and Jutuany Ribeiro Grand Master, creator and founder of Muay Thai League, on Saturday night (25), the major influence on the sport, support the organization and conduct of the championship. With much struggle and dedication the project created by them could be done, but the path was not easy, according to the Master.

"For a long time I'm in this war, we go through good and bad times, but today I feel light. A few years ago I and my wagao brothers, Alessandro and Caique, vow to hold a worthy teacher professional event and athletes who follow us all these years. With the death of Alessandro, it became a matter of honor for us, realize our dream and be able to honor a great friend. I want to thank also the Master Jutu, who was the mastermind of the entity. It was he who brought us together, guided and inspired us to move forward. My eternal gratitude to members of Muay Thai League. "Remember thrilled.

GP_LigaMuayThai (5)Thinking about your affiliates, the League managed to sponsors and last year may hold the Championships giving opportunity to Muay Thai athletes. Moment of great excitement of the Grand Prix. For the Master Flávio Almendra, the Grand Prix was the realization of a dream.

"Well, we worked hard and with no support, no person, entity and company wanting to support us, yet we went to fight with the understanding and the willingness of athletes who fought for bags often derisory, giving calls for them to sell what is not ideal, but it was what we could do, since so many other events were so, then we are used this subterfuge in order to carry out our events and always relying on the strength and credibility that people gave to our tournaments. Thus, the work was growing and thank God we got the support of Ortobom mattresses and a few more companies that were instrumental in achieving this Saturday's event (25), managing to make the end of the circuit Muay Thai professionals, performing a our dream, paying a promise and ushering in a new era in Muay Thai of the State of Rio de Janeiro. "He explains.

Structure and Organization of the Grand Prix Super Champions 2016

GP_LigaMuayThai (4)The structure assembled and presented with sound to entertain the public and assist in the entry of athletes, lighting and organization were mainly the differential of the event. It was very attractive. In the organization, attendance to the tournament start time was of great excellence, all well prepared and within the standards. Worrying about the public who could not attend the court of the States of Vila Isabel, the entity made available through the "Live Sports" link to watch live. The fighting could be followed from all over Brazil and the world.

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Results Official Grand Prix Super Champions 2016:
Wesley Mendes won Renan Altamiro by medical intervention (cut in the right eyebrow) at 2:33 of the 2nd round. - Dispute GP Belt 77kg
Hannan Goes won Adriano Tractor by TKO at 1:38 of the 2nd round. - Dispute Belt GP 70Kg
Diogo Mana won Jimmy Alan unanimous decision in the 3rd round. - GP 66Kg belt Dispute
Washington won Adriano Jabba by abandonment (hip injury) in the first. round.
Renan Altamiro Bruno Nascimento won by unanimous decision in the 3rd round.
Wesley Mendes won Francinei Farizano by KO at 1:28 of the 2nd round.
Leonardo Lindbergue Rodrigo Rocha won by unanimous decision in the 3rd round.
Hannan Marcus Garcia won Vinícuis unanimous decision in the 3rd round.
Adriano Tractor Maílson won by unanimous decision in the 3rd round.
Jimmy Bruno Buakaw Alan won by split decision in 3ºround.
Diogo Matheus Mana won by TKO (abandonment) to 2:39 of the 2nd round.
Victor Hugo Souza won Cristiano França split decision in the 3rd round.


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