Mayweather or McGregor – could Mayweather remain undefeated?


Mayweather or McGregor – could Mayweather remain undefeated?


Mayweather or McGregor – could Mayweather remain undefeated?

mayweather-mcgregor-posterWithout a shadow of a doubt, the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is one of the most discussed topics in the world of both boxing and MMA. These are two high profile fighters who have made a real name for themselves in their respective fields, with this fight set to settle long-standing arguments about boxing versus the MMA, and the fighters have been building anticipation by engaging in a pre-fight war of words through videos and social media posts. That phony war comes to an end next month though and what will happen when they actually meet in the ring?

This fight is easily the most hyped contest of recent times and both Mayweather and McGregor have a lot to live up to when the fight takes place on August 26th, but there is no doubt that Mayweather is under the most pressure. This is because the vast majority of punters and boxing pundits expect him to overcome his MMA opponent pretty comfortably and being the hot favourite pre-fight always means you have to deal with the weight of expectations. The primary reason why few experts give McGregor much of a chance of winning the fight is simply his lack of experience at this level – this will literally be his first ever professional boxing match. Of course, he is no slouch and boasts an impressive MMA record, but most feel that the sheer power he relies on will be neutralised by Mayweather’s superior tactical skill. When you look at Floyd Mayweather’s professional record, which stands at a really impressive 49 wins from 49 fights, it is hard to argue with the assessment that McGregor is simply out of his depth with this one. Admittedly, age is not on Mayweather’s side and the fact that he is coming out of retirement for this fight means that he may be dealing with a bit of ring rustiness, but it is still hard to see him losing it. He is already a rich man but has the motivation of retaining his undefeated professional record – which he will not want to concede to a man who has never boxed professionally before. MMA fighting is a different thing altogether, far more focused on grappling and McGregor will be on alien ground trying to adhere to the tighter rules of boxing. This viewpoint is supported by bookmakers, who have Mayweather as 1/7 odds-on favourite, with McGregor on 5/1 to spring an upset, but if you want to bet on something while you wait for the fight then one of the boxing themed slots games designed for mobile devices – like Heavyweight Champion – will be a knockout choice. While the world waits in anticipation to see if McGregor can live up to all his pre-fight talk and antics you can feel like a champion through achieving some success online. The games are ideal to play on the go but be careful, they could cause you to have McGregor-esque outburst on the bus to work!

We have only a few weeks left to wait now for the fight and we are all wondering whether Mayweather can remain undefeated but what is even more intriguing is the question of whether McGregor can adapt to a completely different sport.


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