New Superkombat license system. Zambidis starts with a title fight


Superkombat middleweight champion Mike Zambidis will make his first title defence in Athens, Greece, on January at the Indoor Stadium of Tae Kwon Do. The bout will be a rematch against Harun Kina of Turkey and is a part of a new concept initiated by Superkombat. Starting with 2015 season, promoters around the world can host under license, beside Tryouts, also Elimination Fights and World Title Fights at that are not Superkombat events. All the winners will automatically qualify for the Superkombat World Grand Prix Series and the world title holders the world title will defend their belts in the same season of Superkombat international events.

“To cover the whole world with Tryouts in a short ammount of time by ourselves  is impossible , that’s why we will accept different promotions that are ready to host eliminations rounds to give chances for fighters around the world. The condition is to invite fighters from Superkombat or fighters accepted for future event from our matchmaking team. We have a lot of requests and we want to give a chance to all promoter, of course, in our conditions, to be part of Superkombat family”, announced Superkombat president Eduard Irimia. All local promoters who interested are encouraged to apply via or by e-mail at

The Superkombat President announced that eighteen months after their last match up inIron Mike Zambidis is the new SUPERKOMBAT® middleweight world champion Romania, K-1 legend Mike Zambidis and Harun Kina will go toe to toe once. Following his defeat, Harun Kina has challenged the Greek world champion, claiming for his Superkombat middleweight title, that Mike Zambidis holds, in grudge match between Greece and Turkey.

“I’m in a schedule of intense and constant preparation and in very good athletic condition. I am looking forward to fight again in my country, in front of the Greek public that supports me all these years. I am waiting all of you at the Tae Kwon Do Indoor Stadium of Paleo Faliro, on January 17th to keep the Superkombat belt in Greece together!”, said Mike Zambidis. Iron Mike has 153 wins, 86 by KO.

The Superkombat 2015 season will officially start on March 7 with the first World Grand Prix of the year, live on Eurosport. More details to follow soon.

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