Superkombat gives back to those in need

Superkombat1 [adsenseyu1]Superkombat gives back to those in need

Fighters and staff from Superkombat gave back to the community earlier this month and helped victims of the recent flooding in southern Romania. Eduard Irimia, founder of Superkombat, also joined in the cause.

In early August, just before the Superkombat World Grand Prix in Constanta, heavy flooding hit the area surrounding Vaideeni in southern Romania. The destruction was total: in just a few hours, water reached levels of as much as 2 meters, washing away whole villages, leaving hundreds without their homes and many severely injured. In all, more than 10.000 people were effected by the flooding. Working with Romania's "Fight for Life" charity nine Superkombat fighters and staff went to the town of Vaideeni to distribute construction materials and care packages with items including drinking water, clothing and food.

"Compared to the aid workers and public disaster relief agencies, we did not do much," says Irimia. "We went for a day and did what we could. At Superkombat, we all think it's important to give as much as you can back to your community – especially if they do so much for us." Superkombat is hugely popular in its home market. This means the people benefit from the aid they get as well as from seeing the fighters they know from television. "This is the same region where we held our very first event, so many of us feel a close relationship with the people here."

Giving back whenever possible

The kickboxing promotion has always been dedicated to its community. Following last year's flooding in Galati county in Romania, fighters and staffers also went into the area to distribute aid packages and other materials. Superkombat also supports a children's hospital in Ploiesti, where fighters DO SOMETHING FOR THE KIDS.


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