MMAMadhouse Presents: The “@Petetorious #MMA Precap” – COGA 57


MMAMadhouse Presents: The “@Petetorious #MMA Precap” - COGA 57: What/Who to look forward to Saturday July 22nd #PNW #MMA



MMAMadhouse Presents: The “@Petetorious #MMA Precap” - COGA 57


       COGA has been on a tear bringing some of the most hard hitting, exciting fights in the NW, and this stacked outdoor fight card follows the hype. Some of the fighters on this card are veterans to the Northwest MMA scene and others are new faces who are bringing a promising fight record, holding nothing back for the fight fans. With this hugely stacked fighter card, it brings an exciting atmosphere to the event with uncertainty and anticipation, but also some nostalgia with returning local MMA veterans.
       The point of my “Precaps” are to give fans a quick glimpse into what they should make sure to check out. Many people watch events with names and faces they don’t recognize and lack interest not understanding styles and matchups. So I want to make it a point for fans to read about the significance of the fighter and why it’s worth checking out this live streamed event over whatever awful re-run you were going to watch anyway. So without further trashing of my future audience, here are the significant fighters (and fight) you need to watch out for at COGA 57:

Lee Morrison



       Lee Morrison was for a good amount of time, the gate keeper for any featherweight in the state of Washington. After having an unfortunate 3 loss streak in Russia, Morrison looks to revamp his fight career back where he started. Taking out some of the biggest names in the Northwest such as Daniel Swain, Julian Erosa and Drew Brokenshire, Morrison looks to take back the region that was once his Saturday July 22nd at Snoqualmie Casino. Lee’s dominate style and “never back down” aggression is a performance worth watching. I can humbly say you can watch him fight for a minute and you’ll quickly become a fan of him.


Justin Harrington




       Coming off of back to back losses from now former CageSport Lightweight champion Julian Erosa, Harrington is looking to make a name for himself in the COGA organization. Taking out the likes of Harrison Bevens, CageSport’s Lightweight Champion Bobby McIntyre and Bryan Nuro, it’s not hard to see why he is getting a main event slot. Also being no stranger to a main event bout, Harrington is a fighter who is incapable of putting on a boring fight. Justin has been in some of the most exciting stand-up battles in the NW cage, so it would be unwise for anyone to think his main event bout with Nathan Thompson would be anything but the same.


Eddie “One Speed” Blackburn vs. Frankie “The BattleGoat” Orr


Eddie-Blackburn     Rumble-Ridge-XXX-Weighins_DSC4083-400

       Two fighters who have been fighting since longer than you’ve known about MMA (most likely), will square off in a rematch that will most likely be their last time inside the cage. Both gaining a loyal following throughout their careers, they’ve promised and delivered action at any one of their fights the PNW crowd has seen (especially the one’s i’ve seen). To which it’s also no surprise they always have a big section dedicated to the fans of theirs. This rematch taking place Saturday came about because of a match over three years ago where “The BattleGoat” TKO’d Blackburn in the 2nd round at Cage Warrior Combat 7. After the fight, which I was the announcer of the event (or as I like to say, “The Bruce Buffer of the night”), Eddie in his post-fight speech put his gloves down in the center of the cage and retired on the spot. But since that time, he has had an itch to get back in the cage and avenge his loss from “The Battlegoat”.
       Eddie is currently coming off a win by first round submission against Robbie Dodgins at WFC 70. Frankie Orr while teaching and training at his gym BASE Fitness, has taken on the hardest up and comers in the NW MMA scene suffering a few losses, but bounced back at Rumble On The Ridge 36 with a first round submission. After going back and forth in some heavy verbal exchanges, Frankie had enough and told COGA President Joe DeRobbio to set it up!


The Finals of the 2 week 8-man tournament

       Just one week ago, COGA 56 took place at The Point Casino in Kingston, WA to which an 8-man tournament was started. Four fighters won and these now semi-finalists will compete this Saturday fighting three opponents in over a week for a COGA contract. These semi-final and final bouts are not fights you can miss! These four fighters are hungry for the spotlight and will do anything for that COGA contract. Here are the matchups for Saturday’s tournament lineup:


Semi-Final Matchups:Sean Kalinoski vs. Quetzal Bustos Jason Ellis vs. Isaiah Burkhalter



       This start studed MMA event is going to be one for the record books! Take all that you’ve read and add the fact that this will be outdoors with the audience staring at the cage....with the CASCADES IN THE BACKGROUND!! You can tell people you went to watch fights with the best seats in the house....which are all of them. Thanks to all the fight fans making these events possible and #supportlocalmma.


- @Petetorious (Peter Artman)


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