Shannon Sinn debuts at Glory 24 Denver


Shannon Sinn debuts at Glory 24 Denver


Shannon Sinn debuts at Glory 24 Denver

By Donald Pierce

Every fighter trains to win, not Shannon Sinn she trains to win and beat the best girl in the world.

12112373_931612243577947_2429142733189735737_nComing off a hard fought victory at Invicta FC against bitter rival Maureen Riordon. Sinn is looking to putting another win on her record when she once again faces Riordon, but this time in a kickboxing match in the glory 24 ring this fri October 9th. Switching up her training to strictly stand up, Sinn has been training with some of the best women fighters not only in Colorado but in the nation. Training with the likes of Rose Namajunas, JJ Aldrich, Jenna Mcallister, Brittany Elkin and many more.

I asked Shannon what its like to train with some of the best "I have the best sparring and training partners out there. The females I work with bring so much to the table and a lot of different styles. Facing such variety and skill day in and day out does nothing but improve you. There's nothing that Maureen can throw at me that I haven't already seen from the girls at Trials, 303, Dark Star Muay Thai, and my own gym".

All ways the competitor, Shannon will be going back to her roots and mma for her next fight but hopes to stay busy with some kickboxing and thai fights in between. "Winning the fight is my most important focus. I know that keeping all the emotion in check will lead to a clean, technically impressive win that can't be argued. That's where all my energy is being directed" With that being said I personally can not wait for this fight. Getting to know Shannon the last year and a half one thing I learned for sure is her will to win is 2nd to none and with the heart and skill set she has the sky's the limit for this amazing fighter.



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