FFC 17: Staring left with no words after Ricco left the ring, Brestovac ready for new challenges!

FFC 17, that is Futures Super Finale, crowned yet another FFC season, as well as two FFC champions. Ten young fighters won the finals and a contract with FFC in 2015, Dorian Ilic made a triumphant return to the ring while Brestovac and Staring went home with precious FFC belts.

The press conference that followed the whole event was led by Marko Petrak, Fight Channel editor and event coordinator, while new FFC champions Dion Staring and Mladen Brestovac shared their thoughts with the media.

Marko Petrak opened the press conference with a comment on Ricco Rodriguez leaving the ring after only two rounds.

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"I suppose you enjoyed the show as we did. Unfortunately, we're sorry Ricco Rodriguez left the ring after two rounds because he was disappointed by his performance. He also had some injuries, but this is not OK. It is quite shameful for a fighter with more than 70 professional fights in his career", said Petrak and added: "But let's not talk about that too much since we crowned first two FFC heavyweight champions, Dion Starig and Mladen Brestovac. However, we must not forget Dorian Ilic who did not have it easy since his opponent for whom he prepared for months cancelled the match only two days before the event. Dorian did not know where he stands, but in the end he did a fine job and he deserved our congratulations. "

Dangerous Dutch fighter Dion Staring won the inaugural FFC heavyweight title in MMA after his opponent Ricco Rodriguez, former UFC heavyweight champion, simply left the ring after the second round.

“What can I tell you, you know? I was ready for the war, I trained hard and I had a good strategy on which I have to thank my coach Stuart. I wanted to finish Ricco a couple of times, but he is smart and he was ready for that. I was not able to knock him out. Ricco will get you in 'submission' in no time and I had to be careful. But again, what can I tell you? I set my eyes on that belt and this is my prize at the end of this year. This is my fourth consecutive victory, I am in great shape and I'm ready for new matches,“ said Dion Staring.

Croatian kickboxer Mladen Brestovac also did an impressive match and won his second belt in only one month.

"My opponent was really tough, but he could not do anything against me. I immediately imposed my game and dominance in the first round when he fell on the ground after my knee kick. The stoppage already came in the second round when I launched a high kick. I am happy with my performance, I hope for new challenges when it comes to defending the title“, said one of the world's best kickboxers in the heavyweight division.

Dorian Ilic returned to ring after a year off and scored a new victory. Although his opponent studied him well in only one day he had to prepare for the match and tried to take him down, Dorian managed to avoid the attacks and finish the bout very quickly in front of his hometown audience.

"Since my original opponent cancelled the match only three days before the event, it spoiled my plans. But I knew the fighter who will have courage to accept the match would be in training or he'd try to take me down since ground game is my weaker side. I expected that and I could react faster. In the end I overcame him and scored a victory“, proudly said Ilic.


FFC 17 - Futures Super Finale


Mladen Brestovac def. Wieslaw Kwasnierski, KO, R2, 0:45
Bahrudin Mahmi? def. Ivan Stani?, jednoglasna odluka sudaca
Dino Beloševi? def. Tomislav ?ikoti? - bez borbe (ozljeda iz polufinala)
Antonio Plazibat def. Mitar Dugali?, KO, R3, 0:44
Nikita Chub def. Ivica ?uklin, jednoglasna odlika sudaca
Jasmin Bajrovi? def. Marko Dragovi?, KO, R1, 1:38
Valentin Rybalko def. Marko Adamovi?, jednoglasna odluka sudaca


Dion Staring def. Ricco Rodriguez, predaja nakon R2
Dorijan Ili? def. Peter Rozmaring, TKO, R1, 0:58
Jani Istvan def. Nikola Janji?, TKO, R1, 2:57
Martin Batur def. Strahinja Deni?, prisiljavanje na predaju (gušenje u trokut rukom), R2, 2:59
Bruno Guštovi? def. Tomislav Burec, prisiljavanje na predaju (giljotina), R1, 0:36
Vladimir Prodanovi? def. Marko Ostanek, prisiljavanje na predaju (RNC), R1, 4:28
Tilen Kolari? def. Hrvoje Stepi?, prisiljavanje na predaju (RNC), R1, 4:25


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