Smoker Fights Boracay Beatdown Results


Smoker Fights Boracay Beatdown 2/15/14

Results provide by Smoker Fights

1st fight
Ruddy Gabbo vs Allan Svoboba
Allan Svoboba winner 1st round 3:25 rnc

2nd fight
Jomans Omanz vs Jeffrey Morante
Omans want won tko 1st round 2min

3rd fight
Daniel Williams vs Serg Jayson
Went distance and was a draw ,hell of a fight

4th fight
Nate Younis from Brunei vs Fabian Petersson
Fabian Winner by tko lowkicks 2nd round 1minute

5th fight
Pinoy vs Daniel de Guzman
Winner Pinoy tko 3min 1st round

6th fight
Tim Olsson vs Dharyl
Winner Tim via TKO 2nd round

k1 rules fight

Jan Homolka vs Romney
Ended 1st round tko with Romney hurt rib unable to continue. Winner Jan homolka

Main event american Warhawk vs Salah from France
Winner guillotine choke salah, 4minutes last second of 1st round salah wins via guillotine choke

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