SOUTH SOUND FIGHT NIGHT 6 7/12/14[adsenseyu1]

Results sponsored by Klech Kustom Mouthguards 

Brian Brito vs Loyal Sem - Brito def Sem via Unanimous Decision 

Skylar Thomas vs Alex Garland - Garland def Thomas via Split Decision 

Jahele Brito vs Jet Benjaminson - Brito def Benjaminson via Unanimous Decision

Caleb Broadwater vs Preston Srouey - Brodwater def Srouey via TKO RD2

Salem Njuko vs Joselito Crisostomo - Njuko def Crisostomo via Unanimous Decision 

Johnny 2 Feathers Williams vs Kryshuan Turchiano - Kryshuan def Williams via Unanimous Decision  

Ariana Sit-Chaisai vs Tai Kungkagam-Mamea - Sit-Chaisai def Kungkagam-Mamea via Unanimous Decision  

Brycen Srithongkhan vs Brian Brito - DRAW 

Sarah Nielsen vs Alex Garland - Nielson def Garland via Unanimous Decision  

Bobby King vs Adam Fugitt - King def Fugitt via TKO RD PAC NW 170 Title


sxs 6

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  1. nate
    You have to be kidding me. Fugitt vs King ended with King being Tko`d in round 2.King took a vicious elbow followed by an upper cut leaving King bleeding profusely and unable to continue.

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