Battle At The Boat 103: Gavronski vs Johnson Results and Recap


Battle At The Boat 103: Gavronski vs Johnson Results and Recap


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TACOMA, Wash. – The World Boxing Association-NABA United States super middleweight championship will be on the line when Mike Gavronski squares off against Dashon Johnson in the main event of Brian Halquist Productions’ Battle at the Boat 103 on Nov. 7 at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma

Battle At The Boat 103 Boxing Fight Recap:

Saturday was a huge night of not just boxing world but for the Washington fight scene as well. Some of the best boxing performances were put on display in the Emerald Queen Casino putting boxing fans into seats and putting on exciting matches that got fans screaming out of their seats. The world of boxing was focused on this event as there was not really a rematch for the ages, but a new world title to be had for the WBA-NABA-US Super Middleweight Title. In this weeks boxing recap, we breakdown the Semi-Main with Local stand out Cameron Sevilla-Rivera facing returning boxer Isaac Tadeo & Main Event of the night with Tacoma’s own Mike Gavronski facing boxing and MMA veteran Dashon Johnson. 

Semi-Main Event: Isaac Tadeo vs Cameron Sevilla-Rivera

1st round: Rivera came out swinging but Tadeo did not back down as Rivera pushed forward. Tadeo mixed up his strikes to the head and body moving in and out of Rivera’s range with fast footwork. From here, they respected each others power staying on the outside range and only dipping in for quick jabs and hooks.

2nd round: Rivera still starts out the aggressor and the one who is pushing forward the most. Tadeo was landing more strikes using his longer range while Rivera had to rush him more but still did land some hard shots to the body and ended the round dealing harder strikes.

3rd round: Tadeo used good head movement to avoid some heavy handed shots and came back with some fast combos to the head and jabbing Rivera outside his reach forcing him to keep charging wildly at Tadeo. Rivera kept to the body trying to combo up top but Tadeo doing some flashy head movement, avoided such to finish the round.

4th Round: Rivera got some significant strikes landed on Tadeo in the first 30 seconds landing a body to head punch combo and stayed aggressive and right in his face close range. Tadeo got some good punches in while Rivera was at longer range but in close quarters, Tadeo couldn’t utilize his jab and set anything up. And in the 10 seconds, both boxers stood toe to toe, might as well of been fighting in a phone booth trying to take each others heads off and mouth pieces went flying.

5th Round: Going into this round Tadeo showed to make a note of not getting in the close range exchanges as much as he did and used his long range to keep Rivera at a distance which proved to help landing the more significant strikes and leaving Rivera flustered to not be able to land punches from that far away.

6th Round: Tadeo stuck with his strategy and didn’t fall prey to Rivera’s close range battles staying outside and working his long straight punches accurately and effectively for the rest of the fight.

Isaac Tadeo won the Battle At The Boat 103’s Semi Main Event against Cameron Sevilla-Rivera via Unanimous Decision (58-56, 58-56, 60-54)

WBA-NABA-US Super Middleweight Championship Main Event: Mike Gavronski vs Dashon Johnson

1st Round: Both boxers came out with an agressive feeling out process getting each others reaching landing jab after jab on dealt from each.

2nd Round: Mike is more agressive charging forward leading with the jab and following up with uppercuts and hooks to the body. Johnson was able to land some heavy shots upstairs but only in the close range was johnson able to get shots off.

3rd Round: Johnson decided to keep rushing Gavronski trying to close the distance to throw heavy leather, which Gavronski countered by strafing back leading with his jab to counter. Both boxers got good shots landed on each other but nothing significant enough to lop-side  the round for anyone.

4th Round: Johnson came out swinging with confidence landing a heavy combo from to body to head and pressed on Gavronski trying to Fluster him. Gavronski utilized the jab whenever Johnson gave him space which Johnson learned to be his bread and butter and at the end of the round, both tee’d off on each other trying to finish with the bell making them stop.

5th Round: Johnson figures out he has to catch him down and does so swinging for the fence and landing heavy punches not letting gavronski get away. Gavronski gives in letting Johnson rush him and goes toe to toe winning the close quarter striking exchange to end the round.

6th Round: Most evenly skilled round of the match with both boxers having there moments of dominating exchanges and turns in aggression.

7th Round: Despite people saying Johnson was gassing out, Johnson ramped up his aggression on kept close to Gavronski laying down fast combos to have Gavronski on the defense. Gavronski landed a hard left hook that fueled Johnson to swing for the fences before the round ended.

8th Round: The round stayed an even match until over halfway through the round when after Johnson kept closing the distance with Gavronski, let some combos off landing a significant hard right cross then left hook that made Gavronski falling into the ropes. Gavronski barely made the standing 8 count and when he did, Johnson swarmed all over him trying to finish the fight, rocking him some more and fortunately being saved by the bell.

9th Round: In between the round, doctors were looking at Gavronski like he wouldn’t be right to fight and when it came down to him getting off the stool for the fight, he took too long and was wobbly getting up as the fight started...(One second of the fight started while realizing that he was not in a condition to keep fighting) the doctors the go ahead to stop the fight to give Dashon Johnson the main event upset victory and to be crowned the new WBA-NABA-US Super Middleweight Champion.

Dashon Johnson defeated Mike Gavronski via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at :01 of Round 9 and was dubbed the new WBA-NABA-US Super Middleweight Champion!

****Full Boxing Results*****

Main Event: WBA-NABA-US Super Middleweight Title (10 Rounds) -
Dashon Johnson defeats Gavronski via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at :01 of Round 9
Semi-main Event (6 Rounds) - 
Isaac Tadeo defeats Cameron Sevilla-Rivera by Unanimous Decision (58-56 x2, 60-54)
Undercard bouts (4 Rounds) -
Will Hughes defeats Sean Gee via Unanimous Decision (38-35, 38-36 x2)
Jeremy McCleary defeats Heath Cline via Unanimous Decision  (40-35 x3)
Fatlum Zhuta defeats Daryl Gardner via KO at 1:26 of Round 1
Isaiah Najera defeats Chris Wheaton via Unanimous Decision
(40-36 x3)

- Reported by Peter Artman (@Petetorious)


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