VIC TUNISIAN GRAPPLING BEACH 2015 Results Sponsored By The Tunisian Fighters 

* -63 CATEGORY: 1st Place Ahmed Triki (Tunisian fighter)
                                 2 seconds up Adam Ben Douissa (Tunisian Fighter)
                                 3rd Place sabri traidi Tantchou Rab If (Tunisian fighter)

* -70 Categories: 1st Mehdi ben rebeh (France)
                                  2nd Mounir El Ghali mestir scorpion team
                                  3rd Mohamed Abees power academy

* Categories-77: 1st Ben Bärenstark (Munich)
                                 2nd jihed ferchichi (TUNISIAN FIGHTER)
                                 3RD missadua (France)

* -83 Categories: 1st Zied Acai (Team France)
                                2nd Mohamed agrbi (Créteil)
                                3rd mohamed dicko (France)

* -93 Categories. 1st mohamed hechmi (Tunisian fighter)
                                   2nd Mahmoud Gharbi (Tunisian fighter)
                                  3rd Riadh Said. (TUNISIAN FIGHTER)

* 1st place 93 categories Mahmoud Gharbi (TUNISIAN FIGHTER)
                               2nd pkace. Walid Nemri Brayan Best (TUNISIANFIGHTER)
                               3RD instead. Selini. (FRANCE)

Total medal (11médailles for Tunisia, 6 for France and 1 for Munich)

Voici les résultats complets de VIC TUNISIAN GRAPPLING BEACH 2015:

*CATÉGORIE -63 : 1st place Ahmed Triki (Tunisian fighter)
2secondes place Adam Ben Douissa (Tunisian Fighter)
3rd place sabri traidi Tantchou Rab Si (Tunisian fighter)

*catégories -70 : 1st ben rebeh mehdi (France)
2ème Mounir El Ghali mestir scorpion team
3ème Mohamed Abees power academy

*catégories-77: 1ère Ben Bärenstark (Munich)
2ème jihed ferchichi (TUNISIAN FIGHTER)
3ÈME missadua (France)

*catégories -83 : 1ére Zied Açaï (team France)
2ème Mohamed agrbi ( Créteil)
3éme mohamed dicko ( france)

*catégories -93. 1ère mohamed amine hechmi ( Tunisian fighter)
2éme Mahmoud Gharbi ( Tunisian fighter)
3ème Riadh Said. ( TUNISIAN FIGHTER)

*catégories +93 1ère place Mahmoud Gharbi ( TUNISIAN FIGHTER)
2ème pkace. Walid nemri Brayan Best ( TUNISIANFIGHTER)
3ÈME place. Selini. ( FRANCE)

Total des medaille (11médailles pour la Tunisie, 6 pour la France et 1 pour Munich)


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