Joshua Shackleford is reporting the live results from V3Fights Neal vs. Johnson at Marathon Music Works 1402 Clinton St, Nashville, Tennessee

Doors at 6pm and tickets are available at the door! If you can't make it make sure to tune in to www.V3Fights.com and watch it LIVE & FREE!


Tony Johnson defeats Robert Neal via TKO @1:21 Rd1

Adam Townsend defeats Jorge Medina via RNC @3:01 Rd1

Justin Hartley defeats Timothy Stewart via Triangle @4:25 Rd1

Cody Tucker defeats Jerry Baker via Unanimous Decision

Chris Hall defeats Greg Stratman via Unanimous Decision

Adrian Thomas defeats Clint Odam via Unanimous Decision

Logan Woods defeats Kem Oti via Split Decision

Molly Dupertuis defeats Adrienne Rainey via TKO @1:30 Rd1

Ben Littrell defeats Greg Taylor via Guillotine @(NA) rd1

Jamie Milanoski defeats Erica Fincher via RNC @2:00 Rd1

Robbie Menzanava defeats Carlos Gonzalez via Unanimous Decision

Frankie Nuffio defeats Salvador Garcia via Unanimous Decision

Pete Pirtle defeats Michael Snapp via TKO @1:47 Rd3

Will Calhoun defeats Alex Riggs via KO @2:24 Rd1

Keegan Johnson defeats Langston Stevenson via RNC @2:25 Rd2

William Johnson defeats Braden Crowell via Unanimous Decision

Joe Jones defeats Barry Gevedon via TKO @0:14 Rd1


Robert Neal vs Tony Johnson

Adam Townsend vs Jorge Medina

Tim Stewart vs Justin Hartley

Jerry Baker vs Cody Tucker

Greg Stratman vs Chris Hall

Adrian Thomas vs Clint Odom

Kem Oti vs Logan Woods

Molly Dupertuis vs Adrienne Rainey

Ben Littrell vs Greg Taylor

Carlos Gonzalez vs Robbie Mezanava

Salvador Garcia vs Frankie Nuffio

Michael Snapp vs Pete Pirtle

Alex Riggs vs Will Calhoun

Braden Crowell vs William Johnson


v3fights neal vs johnson results

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