V3FIGHTS: Sprague vs Pitts – LIVE RESULTS and iPPV Stream Link

V3FIGHTS: Sprague vs Pitts - LIVE RESULTS

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Steven Gagnon is reporting the action live from V3Fights Sprague VS Pitts at the Minglewood Hall 1555 Madison Ave, Memphis, Tennessee 

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Courtnee pitts defeats Corey Sprague in 2:20 in 2nd rd via RNC

Houston Lan Trip Defeats Del Merritt by unanimous decision

Jesse Parker defeats Kyle Rogers by tko in 38 secs in the 2nd rd (Flyweight Champion)

Brandon Gaitor defeats Tyler Edwards in 2:59 in 1st rd by RNC (Lightweight Champion)

Kevin Henry defeats Tripp Carter in 59 secs in 1st rd by gullitine choke

Nick Davis defeats Darian Bradshaw by arm bar at 1:13 in the 3rd rd

Jesse Wallace defeats Wes Sharp in 2:40 tko 1st rd

Zack Edwards defeats Josiah Shipley in 1:25 gullitine in 3rd rd

Kyle Jones defeats Brandon Pannell by key lock in 2:33 2nd rd

Lewis Pena defeats Kyle Hughes by arm bar 1:55 in 1st rd

Jordan Fowler defeats Terry Johnson in 2:44 of 1st rd by Kimora

Marcus Smith defeats Malik Tuggle 2nd tko 37secs

Jeff McMinn defeats Ky Rhone 1st rd RNC @0:46

Reginald Adams defeats Sean Stanley by tko @1:35 Rd 1

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Fight #15 - Corey Sprague vs Courtnee Pitts

Fight 14 - Del Merrit vs Houston Lantrip

Fight #13 - Jesse Parker vs Kyle Rogers

Fight #12 - Tyler Wilson vs Brandon Gaitor

Fight #11 - Kevin Henry vs Tripp Carter

Fight #10 - Darian Bradshaw vs Nick Davis

Fight #9 - Wes Sharp vs James Wallace

Fight #8 - Zach Edwards vs Josiah Shipley

Fight #7 - Brandon Pannell vs Kyle Jones

Fight #6 - Luis Pena vs Kyle Hughes

Fight #5 - Ratavious Williams vs Montreal Grant

Fight #4 - Jordan Fowler vs Terry Johnson

Fight #3 - Marcus Smith vs Malik Tuggle

Fight #2 - Ky Rhone vs Jeff McMinn

Fight #1 - Sean Stanley vs Reginald Adams


v3fights pitts vs sprague live results

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