Battle at the Boat 96 Results

Battle at the Boat

Emmanuel Lartey def. Steve Forbes via unanimous decision (99-90, 98-91)

*Cameron Sevilla-Rivera  def. Daryl Gardner via tko at 2:01 of round 1

Marcelino Pineda def. Jared Teer via Tko at 3:04 of round 1

Jeremy Mccleary def. Chris Wheaton via unanimous Decision ( 40-36, 40-36, 40-36)

Manuel Mendez def. Ricardo Maldonado via majority decision (38 38, 39 37,39 37)

Harrison Bevens def. Cole Milani via tko at 2:19 of round 1

Mike Hayes def. Jared Torgenson via unanimous decision (39 37, 39-37,40 36)

****Cameron Sevilla-Rivera missed weight by 5lbs***

Battle at the Boat 96 Recap:

In the main event, Emmanuel Lartey and Steve Forbes went the distance in a tough battle of  took a unanimous decision victory against Steve Forbes. The first two rounds were a feeling out process where they jabbed and established reach. In the third round, lartey delivered a swift left hook that knocked forbes down, but forbes kept the round even by spending the rest of the round putting lartey in a corner delivering body shots. The next three rounds were conservative as lartey kept Forbes at a distance he could only strike from keeping defense those three rounds. Round seven, Forbes came out swinging landing a combo of body blows giving Forbes the round. Unfortunate for Forbes, Lartey stayed on defense the last three rounds jabbing and staying out of reach earning Emmanuel Lartey the win.

In the Semi-main event, Cameron Sevilla-Rivera didn't need much time to get his 4th victory in the ring. His opponent Daryl Gardner came out the aggressor trying to fluster Rivera with his speed, but once the exchanges were in tight quarters, Rivera had a significant striking advantage with heavy hands to go with it. Half way through the round, Rivera  pushed forward letting his heavy hands to finish the fight putting Gardner onto the ropes and tee'd off with vicious combos until the ref had seen enough giving Cameron Sevilla-Rivera his 4th (T)KO victory 2:01 into the first round and remaining undefeated.
For the main attraction on the undercard, local prospect Jeremy McCleary representing Buckley, WA put on a great show utilizing his quick jab and relentless pace. Jeremy McCleary started the first round with an onslaught that made most people assume the fight was going to be over quick. McCleary's opponent Chris Wheaton stayed on the ropes weathering the storm and staying on defense to get through round 1. McCleary kept his range making Wheaton have to run into McCleary's jab throughout the round. Round 3 and 4 were close with Wheaton turning up the aggression and charging forward to close the distance, but McCleary kept calm and controlled the exchanges giving Jeremy McCleary the win and staying undefeated.

by Peter Artman 

Battle at the Boat 96

Battle at the Boat 96

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