Arena Fire Fight Championship Results

Arena Fire Fight Championship Results


Ginásio de Esportes Pinguim- Bairro Santo André



Luiz Gustavo Rodrigues da Conceição defeated William Sabino Rodriguez by decision (unanimous) [FULL FIGHT VIDEO]

Alexandre Martins da Silva beat Rodrigo Andrade da Silva by TKO (punches) at 0:56seconds of the second round

Claudio Marmore won Acácio Pereira Amorim by TKO (punches) at 2:20 of round one(punches to the ribs)

Robby Schmitt finished Dione Paiva  with a guillotine to 0:29 seconds into the first round

Romario Faria finalised Luiz Fernando with an armbar to 1:30 of the first round

Leonardo Ivo finished Gracilei Oliveira with key arm in the triangle 3:59 of round

Renato Geovane Silva finalized Rosalino Menezes armbar to 2:53 of the first round

Sebastiao Junio Ribeiro Costa won by Marcos Vinicius drawback (led kicks and punches and asked to stop the fight)

Igor de Azevedo won Carlos Kisley dos Santos by TKO to 1:59 of the first round

Eduardo Santiago won Fernando Fernandes with a rear naked choke at 1:40 the first round

Geovane Magal won Fellype Martins Pais Rocha with a stranglehold on the back(esgana Rooster) to 4:57 of the first round



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