EXCITEFIGHT: Throwdown at the Thunderbird – LIVE RESULTS (Sponsored by Scrap Soldier Clothing)


EXCITEFIGHT: Throwdown at the Thunderbird - LIVE RESULTS



HR is reporting the ExciteFight Throwdown at the Thunderbird quick results live from the  15700 E. State Hwy 9 in Norman, OK 

Fight Card - Excitefight

(Amateur) - Donald Woodall Vs Robert Willard - Woodall defs Willard via TKO/Ref Stoppage/1st Rd/@:25

(Amateur) - Nathan Trepagnier Vs Javier Cepeda - Cepeda defs Trepagnier via RNC/2nd Rd/@N/A

(Pro)- Lucas Queen Vs Tim Bronson - Queen defs Bronson via RNC/1sr Rd/@N/A

(Pro) - Johnnie Ray Rhodes Vs Kendall Carnahan - Carnahan defs Rhodes via RNC/1st Rd/@N/A

(Pro) - Charles Hackman Vs Kris Renty - Hackman defs Renty via Guillotine Choke/1st Rd/@N/A

(Pro) - Kendrick Sloboh Vs Art Parker - Parker defs Sloboh via KO/1st Rd/@:19

(Pro) - Aaron McKenzie Vs Jose Martinez - McKenzie defs Martinez via TKO/Ref Stoppage/2nd Rd/@N/A

(Pro) - Katy Collins Vs Briannah Conatser - Collins defs Conatser via TKO/Ref Stoppage/1sr Rd/@N/A

(Pro) - Julian Learned Vs Herbert Morgan - Learned defs Morgan via Armbar/1sr Rd/@N/A




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