November 28/2014

Boyd Sharpe is reporting the Fight First MMA & Muay Thai live results from the Olympic HALL in Halifax, Nova Scotia 


Dee Logue defeats Eric Norris by rear naked choke at 2:05 of the first round. Dee Logue is now the first ever Fight First welterweight champion. (MMA)

Jonny Campbell defeats Eamon Morrisey by refferee stoppage due to strikes at 0:45 seconds of the first round. (MMA)

Jordan Noseworthy defeats Jeff Brake by ground and pound at 2:32 of the first round. (MMA)

Mark Crossman's medicals did not pass. Akitoshi Horiba did an exhibition Muay Thai match with late replacement Ryan Potter. (MT)

Tyler Cornell defeats Charlie Aalders by doctor's stopping (head cut) at 0:22 seconds of the first round. (MMA)

Koko McNeil defeats Robbie Innes by head kick knockout at 2:19 of the first round. (MT)

fight first mma results


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  1. Bobby Shields
    Looking forward to hear about Island Impact fighters!! LET'S GO GUYS!!!
    • Should be a great night of action. Will post results as quick as possible

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