The audience that filled the Adrenaline Lounge Arena on Saturday night (22), to accompany the third edition of Inhumas Fight championship witnessed a true spectacle of fights. More than that, the spectators could see some best athletes in the Midwest take in ten fights of the night with the right to knockouts, submissions and winning the belt up to 84 kg.
The main card started with the win by split decision to Bruno Alemão on the  athlete of Brasilia Junior Terere. Following Rafael Koncreto won with a knockout of Natal da Costa Freire  technician in the first round of a fight that would be pretty pair. In the third fight of the main card it was a title fight to 52kg, Romulo Fenix ??defeated Gilcimar Tigre a split decision of the side judges.

Following one of the best fighters to 57kg of Brazil Bruno Macaco finished Alessandro Pitbull in the first round.
It is then the athlete of Rio Verde, Paulistenio Rocha and athlete Fefel Team Goiania Jerffeson dos Santos Oliveira made ??a good team fight and the judges ended up giving majority draw  (when two judges indicated draw and the third points a winner) Have Julio Cesar dos Santos is up to 120 kg champion of Shooto won Wesley "Cachorro Louco" by submission (distemper cock) to 3 minutes and 9 seconds of round three

In the following, the present crowd in Adrenaline Lounge Arena stood to watch the last two fights in the title fight 77kg Ackson Junior made a really tough fight of pure striking and takedowns to defeat challenger Junior Beba by submission ( strangulation inside the guard) in the third round, is fight was very exciting. However, the best was yet to come. The local fighter City Inhumas Raul Fernandes of Nova União - Goiás up the audience with fast completion to 1 minute 50 seconds of the first round of the athlete Goianésia Jeronimo Oliveira.


Inhumas Fight Championship 3

Location: Adrenaline Lounge Arena


Inhumas, Goiás - Brazil




Complete Results


Bruno Alemão won Junior Terere a split decision of the side judges

Referee: Marcio Gomes


Rafael Koncreto won Natal da Costa Freire by TKO at 2:59 of the first round

Referee: Sergio Martins Garça


Romulo Fenix ??won Gilcimar Tigre on a split decision of the side judges

Referee: Marcio Gomes


Bruno Macaco won Alessandro Pit Bull by submission (choke) at 3:26 of round one

Referee: Sergio Martins Garça


Paulistenio Rocha drew with Jerffeson dos Santos Oliveira  majority draw

Referee: Sergio Martins Garça


Julio César dos Santos won Wesley Godoy by submission (distemper cock) to 3:09 of round three

Referee: Sergio Martins Garça


Ackson Junior won Divino da Silva Rosa "Junior Beba" by submission (choke inside the guard) to 3:05 of round three

Referee: Marcio Gomes


Raul Fernandes won Jeronimo Oliveira  by submission (choke) at 1:50 of round one

Referee: Marcio Gomes




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