Shofight and Brawl Inc – Boiling Point and Subzero Results

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Shofight and Brawl Inc - Boiling Point and Subzero 1/18/14

Shofight Boiling Point

Heavyweight Championship Title Brawl INC Champion Brandon "Mongo" Huckaby vs ShoFIGHT Heavyweight Champion Josh "The Hulk" Faries Winner claims ShoFIGHT n Brawl Inc Titles. Faries defeated Huckaby verbal submission 1st round @ 2:09

ShoFIGHT Light Heavyweight Championship Title ShoFIGHT Grappling Champion Kyle Noblitt vs ShoFIGHT Light Heavyweight and Middleweight Champion Shawn Tiger. Noblitt defeated Tiger Via Tapout due to Key Lock 1st round @ 3:26

Jesse "The Sandman" Moore vs Ruben " The Mexicutioner" Marin. Marin defeated Moore TKO referee stoppage 2nd round @ :51

ShoFIGHT Lightweight Championship Title Will " The Thrill" Lavine vs Matt Rosa. Rosa defeated Lavine via Guillotine Choke 1st round :30

Britton Carter vs George Still. Carter defeated Still via Arm-Bar 1st round @ 2:30

Bryce Haffecke vs Brian Lee Stevens. No contest due to injury from illegal blow 3rd round @ :38

Teddy Bell vs Lance Lee. Bell defeats Lee via Arm Key Lock 2nd

round 2:28

Brawl Inc Subzero 

Brawl INC Featherweight Championship Title Reace "Peace" Young vs Adam "The Stink" Mink. Mink defeats Young via guillotine choke 1st round @ 1:21

Brawl INC Flyweight Championship Title "Sweet Baby" Ray Allard vs Garren Lorenz. Allard defeated Lorenz via Guillotine choke 1st round @ 2:21

John Inahara vs Austin Daniels. Inahara defeats Daniels verbal submission unable to answer 2nd round

John Beemer vs Philip Snow. Beemer defeats Snow via rear naked choke 1st round @ 1:36

Justin Jacko vs Dustin Stewart. Jacko defeats Stewart via rear naked choke 1st round @ :34

Ryan Ewing vs Cody Mills. Mills defeats Ewing via split decision

Grappling Match Katy Collins vs Nicole Arthur. Collins defeated Arthur via Arm-bar 2nd round @ :54

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