Official Weigh In Results for Shock N Awe 18 PLUS VIDEO

Official Weigh In Results for Shock N Awe 18


Ryan White, and Sam Spokes missed weight today. This means in Sam Spokes title fight, only his opponent can become the champion if he beats Sam.All bouts will be going ahead as schedules subject to the fighters weighing in on the day, and everyone passing their medical examination.

Doors Open tomorrow at 3.30pm for VIP’s, 4.30pm for all other ticket holders. First fight at 5pm.



Weight Name Gym  Actual Weight Notes Name Gym Actual Weight Notes
145lbs Ethan Charlesworthy Oxford ShootFighters 145.3   Alex Box Vectis MMA 145.7  
155lbs Karol Walendy Poole Thai Academy SAT   Chris Tallis Gym 01 155.9  
205lbs + Dave Chamberlin Exile MMA 252.4   James Bakes Gym 01 253.8  
135lbs Elliot Hoye Pro Systems MMA 133.7   Rees Kenny ARBJJ 135.8  
115lbs Bryony Tyrell Exile MMA 114.6   Indy Briar Vectis MMA 115.5  
135lbs Ffion Davies CRA 135.6   Jade Barker Gym 01 133.5  
170lbs Lewis Willshere Exile MMA 171   Jay Thomas Valley MMA 161.4  
125lbs Sam Razvi Pro Systems MMA 125.5   Michael De'Aguiar Gym 01 126  
145lbs Phil Collins Genesis Gym  144   Alec Connelly Mad Hatters MMA 144.6  
155lbs Rod Phelps Poole Cage Academy SAT   Alan Tallis Gym 01 SAT  
205lbs  Sam Spokes Pro Systems MMA 207 over 1lb Nathan Philpott Lord MMA 203  
170lbs Scott Richards Totterdown Gym SAT   Kirby Berger Gym 01 168.9  
170lbs Simon Squires Genesis Gym  170.8   Cleverson Da Silva ARBJJ 170  
125lbs Darren Castleton Pro Systems MMA 124.9   Joe Laurence Ippon MMA 125.5  
205lbs Ryan White Pro Systems MMA 208 Over 2lb Shaun Lomas Independent SAT  
145lbs Tyler Thomas Valley Warriors 144.5   James Pennington Gym 01 144.7  


Shock N Awe 18 FIGHT CARD

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