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ROAD FC 021 was held in the newly refurbished Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea in front of a sold-out crowd of 6,000 fans on 1 February, 2015.  Two title fights rounded out the action-packed card.  Of the fourteen fights of the event, four wereFeatherweight Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom Technical Knock Outs, three were Submissions, and seven were Decisions, including the two well-fought title matches that went into the extra round.

ROAD FC 021Featherweight Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom used game strategy and leg kicks against top challenger Seo Doo-Won in his first Title Defense.  Choi was wary of Seo's proven knock out power so he stayed on the outside and landed painful kicks to Seo's legs and body.  Seo stalked down Choi and landed punches of his own but he was looking for a KO which he was never able to claim.  The judges asked for the extra round to break the awarded Draw, and Choi continued his intelligent plan against Seo, so he was successful in his first Title Defense!

Song Min-Jong and Takeshi Kasugai fought a fierce match for the Interim Flyweight Championship.  Song and Kasugai both showed very good striking, clinching, take downs, and grappling in three rounds of back and forth, nonstop action.  It was so close that the judges asked for the extra round.  Song used repeated painful take downs as well as striking in the final round, and Kasugai ended it by securing an arm bar that Song had to fight hard to defend.  Song's final performance definitively earned him the round and the Interim Flyweight Title.  In an emotional victory celebration, Song claimed a title on his third attempt!
Kim Soo-Chul was in danger early as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Wagner Campos was able to take his back standing.  Campos sought for a choke hold but Kim was finally able to break out.  Kim went in with a flying knee that hurt Campos, to which he dropped for a take down.  Kim defended it and Campos pulled guard so Kim took advantage of the top position and was pounding away when the referee stopped the match.
Shinji Sasaki and Kim Chang-Hyun put on a violent three-round show of punches.  Kim landed the elbows and uppercuts early, and Sasaki came out with a strong jab and combinations in the second.  In the final round, Kim's face was bloody and Sasaki knew he had the advantage, so he turned up the volume of his punches.  Kim continued to return fire, but it wasn't enough as the judges scored the fight on behalf of Sasaki.
Park Ji-Hye made her anticipated debut a successful one.  Park reversed Irie Miyu's takedown in the first and got her own in the second.  Both times she got to mount and worked with submission attempts and pounding until the referee finally stopped the match.  Another tough beauty is added to the ROAD FC women's division!
Tyrone Henderson showed masterful composure when he was back mounted by Hong Young-Gi.  Henderson was able to spin forwards while trapping one of Hong's arms which he worked into a kimura while he was still mounted.  It was the most unusual and amazing Submission!

The exciting fighters on Young Guns showed their aggressiveness and skills as many made their Professional debuts.After a blazing round of action,  Kim Won-Gi defeated Lee Hyung-Seok with a Submission.

Kim Kyeong-Pyo and Jung Je-Il put on a thrilling striking war that ended with Kim getting the TKO in the second round.

Jang Dae-Young traded punches with Kim Min-Woo but waited him out to get a rapid TKO in just the middle of the first round.

Oh Jae-Sung and Fujii Shota put on a nail-biting 2-rounder in which Fujii dropped Oh and Oh returned fire with knees.  Oh's activity earned him the Unanimous Decision.

Chae Joung-Heon hunted Seo Dong-Soo until he finally got the take down and secured a Rear Named Choke for the Submission victory.

Yang Jae-Ung proved himself against veteran Kim I-Sak and outpointed him to earn the Unanimous Decision.

Jang Ik-Hwan used power punching and take down defense to earn the Unanimous Decision over Park Jae-Seong.

Yun Ho-Young and Kim Jae-Kyung opened the night with an exciting display of grappling and striking.  Yun's aggressiveness edged out the scorecards in his favor.

Showcasing the very best of MMA sport and entertainment – ROAD Fighting Championship!
Event:  ROAD Fighting Championship 021
Date:  Sunday 1 February, 2015
Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea  

6th Featherweight Championship 5M 3R (Extra 1Round)
Choi Mu-Gyeom defeats Seo Doo-Won by 2:1 Decision at Extra 1Round

5th Interim Flyweight Championship 5M 3R (Extra 1Round)
Song Min-Jong defeats Takeshi Kasugai by Unanimous Decision at Extra 1Round

4th Bantamweight Match 5M 3R
Kim Soo-Chul defeats Wagner Campos by TKO(Pounding) at 2:18 of 1R

3rd Lightweight Match 5M 3R
Sasaki Shinji defeats Kim Chang-Hyun by Unanimous Decision

2nd Female Atomweight Match 5M 2R
Park Ji-Hye defeats Irie Miyu by TKO(Pounding) at 3:31 of 2R

1st Featherweight Match 5M 2R
Tyrone Henderson defeats Hong Young-Gi by Submission(Kimura) at 4:25 of 1R


8th Featherweight Bout
Kim Won-Gi defeats Jung Suk-Chan by Submission(Arm Bar) at 4:25 of 1R7th Lightweight Bout
Kim Kyeong-Pyo defeats Jung Je-Il by TKO (Punch) at 1:39 of 2R

6th Featherweight Bout
Jang Dea-Young defeats Kim Min-Ho by TKO (Punch) at 2:32 of 1R

5th Welterweight Bout
Oh Jae-Sung defeats Fujii Shota by Unanimous Decision

4th Flyweight Bout
Chae Jong-Heon defeats Kim Woo-Jae by Submission(Rear Naked Choke) at 4:16 of 1R

3rd Lightweight Bout
Yang Jae-Ung defeats Kim I-Sak by Unanimous Decision

2nd Bantamweight Bout
Jang Ik-Hwan defeats Park Jae-Seong by Unanimous Decision

1st Flyweight Bout
Yun Ho-Young defeats Kim Jae- Kyung by Unanimous Decision


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