Super Fight League 37 USA was yet another spectacular event that could not of had more action throughout the night. With practically all fights ending by submission or TKO,securedownload (2) this event was a shining example of how local MMA delivers top notch entertainment that any fan would enjoy. In this week’s recap, the co-main event had the Seattle Superhero Ben Fodor aka Phoenix Jones facing Vancouver, Washington’s Jason Novelli who stepped up last minute, and the main event with local phenom Drew Brokenshire taking on Yakima’s rising star Julian Erosa.

     In the co-main event, local favorite Ben Fodor aka Phoenix Jones choked last minute replacement Jason Novelli unconscious in the 3rd round. First round was all Novelli, literally. Scoring a takedown within the first minute and utilizing that position all round, Novelli stayed on top delivering a mixed ground and pound of knees to the body and devastating elbows to end the round. 2nd round, Fodor charges Novelli immediately going for the knockout. Fodor got a few clean shots in before Novelli got another takedown. Fodor capitalized on getting taken down by going for a guillotine choke which Novelli fought through and got out of to end the round. 3rd round, Novelli took Fodor down again but this time wasn’t able to utilize that position and was eventually reversed putting Fodor in top position. Novelli gave up his back in the process of trying to get out from bottom. Fodor seized the opportunity to sink in a visually tight looking Rear-Naked Choke, which made Novelli go unconscious as he neglected to tap, earning Ben Fodor the victory and the SFL Welterweight Championship Title.

     In the main event, it was Yakima’s own Julian “Juicy J” Erosa who submitted local veteran Drew “The Eternal Fire” Brokenshire in the 3rd round of the SFL featherweight championship fight. The first round started with both fighters feeling each others range out. Erosa utilized his long kickboxing reach to keep Brokenshire out of range. But that didn’t stop Brokenshire from exploding into close range landing a lethal combo of strikes to the body, ending the round evenly. 2nd round, Brokenshire dealt the more significant damage delivering vicious knees from the clinch that wobbled Erosa. Erosa got his composure back ending the round pressing Brokenshire on the cage and working for a takedown. Round 3 was a very back and forth grappling match, having Erosa initialing the first takedown. This was followed by Brokenshire attacking the leg of Erosa going for a heel hook which Erosa rolled out of but almost got set up for a kneebar in the process. Once Erosa got out of the leg submission attempt, he took top control, got into side control and as Brokenshire was attempting to get up to reverse from the bottom, Erosa sunk in a tight D'Arce Choke that forced Drew Brokenshire to tap, earning Julian Erosa the main event victory and the SFL Featherweight Champion belt.



Full #SFL37 Fight Results:

Julian Erosa defeats Drew Brokenshire via Submission (D'Arce Choke) at 4:35 of Round 3 Crowning him the new SFL Featherweight Champion
Ben Fodor defeats Jason Novelli via Technical Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 3:06 of Round 3 Crowning him the new SFL Welterweight Champion
Hector Lopez defeats Arjay Murphy via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Paul Njoku defeats Sean Gee via Unanimous Decision  (29-28 x3)
Jesse Hardenbrook defeats Aaron Martin via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) at 3:38 of Round 1
Bobby McIntyre defeats Will Hunt via KO (Knee) at :43 of Round 1
Trent Tyler defeats Kina Peneueta via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) at 2:18 of Round 1
Victor Barajas defeats Shane Sargent   via Submission (Armbar) at :56 of Round 1

- Written and reported by Peter Artman (@Petetorious)


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