Weights from Tacoma – Battle at the Boat 95

Battle at the Boat

Weights from Tacoma – Battle at the Boat 95


Main Event: WBC United States Cruiserweight Title

Stivens Bujaj 196.5

Victor Barragan 192.5


Featured Bout

Jeremy McCleary 126

Corben Page 126.5

Contract Weight:  128 Lbs.



Juan Carlos Rodriguez 156

Cameron Sevilla-Rivera 158

Contract Weight: 157 Lbs.


Sean Quinnett 144.5

Jared Teer 146

Contract Weight: 147 Lbs.


Josh Solis 159.5

Harrison Bevens 161

Contract Weight: 161 Lbs.


Jared Torgeson 199

Jon Jackson 195

Contract Weight: 200 Lbs.


Cole Milani 153

Mark Garcia 156.5

Contract Weight: 161 Lbs.

Battle at the Boat-4518 Battle at the Boat-4518-2 Battle at the Boat-4520 Battle at the Boat-4520-2

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