RITC 49: Rumble In The Cage 49 Results & Photos

It’s time for Rumble in the Cage 49! RITC is back with another killer show! Get down to the Exhibition Park in Lethbridge, Alberta and support local MMA.

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Fight 13 Main Event
Loser: Jose Rodriguez
Winner: Derek Boyle
Split decision
End of Round 3

Fight 12 Co-Main Event
Winner: Matt Krayco
Loser: Peter Neufeld
Split Decision
End of Round 3

Fight 11
Loser: Shawn Pauliuk
Winner: Devon Neis
Time 2:56
Round 1

Fight 10
Winner: Trenton Rowell
Loser: Adam Kaupp
Tapout due to injury (broken leg)
Time 0:45
Round 1

Fight 9
Winner: Tyler Siwak
Loser: Josh Kitchen
Unanimous Decision
End of Round 3

Fight 8
Loser: Jordan Murray
Winner: Josh Heinz
Tapout due to strikes
Time 2:20
Round 1

Fight 7
Loser: Nic Grandbois
Winner: Josh Goodheart
Tapout due to standing guillotine choke
Time 0:38
Round 1

Fight 6
Loser: Charles Haskett
Winner: Miguel Tock
Tapout due to rear naked choke
Time 1:55
Round 1

Fight 5
Loser: Darcy Cassie
Winner: Colton Cronkite
Tapout due to triangle choke
Time 1:48
Round 2

Fight 4
Winner: Hayden Harrison
Loser: Cornelius Krahn
Tapout Due To Triangle Choke
Time 1:59
Round 1

Fight 3
Loser: Dale Moore
Winner: Dan Bradshaw
Verbal Tapout
Round 3

Fight 2
Winner: Ben Fehr
Loser: Jordan MacDonald
Guillotine Choke
53 seconds
Round 1

Fight 1
Loser: Kyle McLoud
Winner: Kris Pinkney
Unanimous Decision
After Full 3 Rounds

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  1. When are the photos coming out!!!!

  2. Coming soon man, the photographer is sorting them all out

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