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Jose Martinez at OFC 4


Jose Martinez started training three years ago and has been fighting in MMA for a year and half now. He started MMA when a gym opened up in his home town and thought it would be something he could do to get back in shape. One thing lead to another and now says he cant see doing anything else but to be the best fighter he can become. Martinez trains with MMA Elite out of Tonkawa, OK andhas competed in three different promotions, Rage In The Cage, Oklahoma Fighting Championship and Sugar Creek Showdown with a combined 7-2 record.

Martinez has earned a Lightweight Championship Title with a win over Ken Coulter at RITC 32 in a hard fought 5 round unanimous decision win. I had a chance to talk to him about that fight and some of his toughest opponents.

I know you earned the RITC Amateur Lightweight Title back in Oct 2014. (Great win by the way) That was your first ever 5 round fight vs a very tough and skilled fighter Ken Coulter. Take us thru that 5 round battle and how satisfying was it winning that Lightweight Title for RITC?

The fight with Ken was one I really enjoyed. I worked really hard for that fight at the time, Ken had a lot of hype behind him to most people, he seemed unbeatable so I put a lot of gym time for that fight. Came into the fight in great shape and I basically did what I wanted to do. I controlled the fight with my wrestling and I got a dominant win against a tough guy in the state”

You didn't waste no time getting right back in the cage (less than a month) and had a fight lined up for another Title for Sugar Creek Showdown. Your opponent was a multi champion Austin Anderson. I know it didn't go your way that night and that was only your 2nd loss in your Amateur career.

Did you want to challenge yourself or test yourself to see what level your skills were at taking on a tough and dangerous fight like Anderson & did you take that loss as a positive to work on what you needed to get to were you needed to be?

The Anderson fight was just 3 weeks after the Ken fight and I think everything that I could have done wrong before a fight I did for that one. First, I think I got satisfied with the Ken win and I didn't keep the same intensity in my workouts. Also I wasn't making it to the gym as much mostly cause of work, but even than what I really did the worst was my weight cut. I waited to long and lost way to much weight two days before and its all my fault. I should of gave him the respect he deserved as far as the fight went. I was a head on the score cards I easily won the 1st & 2nd rounds going into the 3rd. I was gassed and that's really unusual for me, we got into a scramble and I ended in a bad position. From there he got an arm bar, but in a way I'm glad that happened to me cause I learn to do my weight cuts right. So if I lose again it'll be cause I got out classed and not stupidity, but I also learned that I can compete with anyone in the state”

So you got right back in the gym and started training for your next opponent Jacob Bell. Another tough fighter! Did you train as hard for this one as you did for the Coulter fight? It must of felt good to get back in that cage and put on the performance you did vs Bell with a 2nd Rd KO/TKO.

I took about 3 weeks off after my loss than started to train even harder than I did for the Ken fight. I also started to watch my weight but I wasn't expecting to fight Jacob. I took that fight with 3 days notice. I was suppose to fight Jan 24 close to my home town, but they were having issues finding me an opponent. So I saw there was a spot open on a great card and I felt ready so I jumped to the opportunity and at the end of the day it paid off got a great win against a really good guy”

Do you feel like your ready for the next step in your career to the pro ranks?

As far as my pro debut its coming sometime this year but am in no hurry theirs plenty of things i need to improve on but when the time comes for me to go pro ill be ready”

You've had a very successful amateur career. I truly hope nothing but the best for you Jose. Anybody you want to give a shout out to you go for it.

I just want to thank my coach and my teammates I couldn't do it without them, also All Scrap Solider for their help and support. Thank you for a chance to do this great interview”

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