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Chris 'Taco' Padilla fights out of Gardena, California & trains at Hard Body Fitness Gym & MMA, is quickly making a name for himself in the MMA world. He started his MMA amateur career in Dec. of 2012 & has a perfect record going 6-0, with all victory's being finishes. Padilla joined the Pro ranks at the age of 19 yrs old in March of 2014. Since joining the Pro ranks, has very impressively racked up 5 straight wins. (3 KO/TKO-1 SUB-1 DEC) Padilla at 3-0 would put his craft to the test back in July 2014, when he locked horns with Aaron Neveu (9-1-1) for the Xplode Fight Series Lightweight Title. No easy fight by any stretch of imagination! After a hard fought 3 rounds Padilla came out victorious via unanimous decision. He would put his Title on the line in November 2014 for his 1st Title defense against another seasoned & very experienced Kris Armbrister. Padilla continued to put his skills to the test taking on the 6'4” & just shy of 20 pro fights, Armbrister. This fight only took :39 in the 1st round defeating Armbrister via guillotine choke improving his record to 5-0 and retaining his Title. Chris 'Taco' Padilla will be making his 2nd Title defense when he faces George Hernandez 4-0 at Xplode Fight Series, March 21 in San Pasqual Reservation, Valley Center, California. This event is actually named after Chris 'Taco' Padilla, Xplode Fight Series: TACO. I felt compelled to get into Chris 'Taco' Padilla's head to talk about his career and up coming fight.

 When did you know you wanted to become a mixed martial artists?

 When I was in the 8th grade I saw my first UFC fight then I knew I wanted to do this. My brother, cousins and I would watch the fights then practice the moves on each other    

How did you get the name 'TACO'?

 Hahaha well when I was in high school my friends and I loved tacos so somewhere along the long I became Chris Taco      

Whats the story behind your walkout, with the mask?Taco                                  

I'm a huge Friday The 13th fan! I am Jason Voorhees when I step in the cage. When I step in there I'm there to rip you into pieces point blank. Also fans love a good show! You know everyone loves a fight but everyone loves a show more. Hehe plus I'm just a "nut case" 

You started your amateur career with 6 straight wins/all finishes. Then you joined the pro ranks with the first 3 via finishes. Your 4th fight was against 9-1-1 at the time, Aaron Neveu for the Lightweight Xplode FS Title. Did you take this fight wanting to make a statement & did you expect it going the distance?

 “I told the promoter, the amateur and pro that I will go undefeated and win the belts! And if I say I'm going to do it. I speak things in to reality, its what I do. Plus the funny thing about fighting Aaron was that he wasn't suppose to be the first option I was suppose to fight this 7-0 guy but he was "injured" then I was offered a couple more undefeated guys but they didn't want the fight so the promoter sat down with me and said, "Chris we have Aaron Neveu he's 9-1-1 and he's much more experienced than you." before he could finish I said, "I'll take it. I don't care about his record, I want to fight!" so he said," okay, the fight is set." That's the most important thing to me is beat the best or lose to the best. I don't want anything less”

Your confidence level must of sky rocketed after winning the Xplode Lightweight Title. Your next opponent Kris Armbrister 10-8 and stood 6'4" tall very seasoned and experience fighter. What was your mind set going into this fight making your first Title defense?

 “I came in with mind that I'm better then him anywhere we go. I'm at a place mentally where if you're not of 'big show' caliber I'm going to demolish you and not to sound 'cocky' but I speak the truth and I believe that I am the best outside the UFC period”

Now you got George Hernandez (4-0) coming up March 21 with your Title on the line for the 2nd time. What can the 'TACO' fans expect in this fight?

 “1st round 30 seconds and it will all be over. Expect me to be the better fighter everywhere. Oh yea last but not least for me to look real good”

Did you train differently for each of your last 3 opponents?

 “Na man I've beating all my opponents before I even stepped in the cage. My job is to show everyone what seen already. I train to defeat myself because only I can stop myself”

What can we look forward to after this next fight, what's next? Where will Taco Padilla be in a year from now?

 “UFC or maybe ONE FC but where ever I go I'll be bringing ass whippings and a fantastic show”

Who's your favorite fighter & If you could be the Main Event in any city in the world, where would it be?

 “ My favorite fighter would have to be me hahaha. I want to main event in LOS ANGELES that's my home WEST COAST is the BEST COAST! 2. Would be Mexico because my dad is from Moreila, Michoacan a state in Mexico so that'd be a huge, huge, huge goal! And last would be Japan because I love the culture. Plus I'm a huge anime fan!!!”

I have one last question...Whats it feel like to have an event named after you?Taco Padilla

 I wasn't surprised I told Mr. Gregg Sharp and you ask and confirm this. I said you will name a show after me because I'm going to be so big that you will not be able to turn the option down he laughed a little but I believed 100% without a doubt”

Taco I really appreciate you taking the time for this interview and you know what they sat at Scrap Soldier "Worn By Champions For A Reason' We truly believe that you will rise to the top. You take this time anybody you want to give a shout out or thanks you go it, its your time...

 I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for everything with him I can do all. Nothing is impossible through him. Second I want to thank you guys for having me on the show. Thanks to all my sponsors Scrap Soldier, Slick & Nasty, Persuasive MMA apparel and LIVE2DIE for all the support leading up to war. Thank you #teamtaco for always supporting me by buying shirts, tickets and just liking things for me. Without you guys this would be really hard to go forward with. Shout out Gardena, that's my city and if you don't where and who we are just know we coming! Go follow me on instagram @Chriswartaco123 same for twitter . go like my facebook fanpage for all my updates Chris Taco”

And ince agaub thank you”

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