Wesley Chapel Fight Night 5: Quality, Not Quantity


Wesley Chapel Fight Night 5: Quality, Not Quantity

AOL MMA, owned by Carlos Valle, Frank Cisneros, and Ingrid Medrano, has been putting on successful Boxing events in Wesley Chapel, FL for some time now. They have been running one of the most successful MMA gyms in the area and began working together with the owner of Highlander MMA, Michael Yanez, in order to put together an MMA event. That event came together this past Saturday night at Freedom High School, home of the Patriots, in Tampa. Yanez spent countless hours over the past few months putting together the fight card and while there were bumps in the road, as there always are in amateur MMA, the fights that took place were all of great quality.

Of the seven fights that were scheduled to take place, only five of them remained by the end of the night. In the first cancelled bout of the night, Ingrid Medrano was set to take on Jessica Branco. For reasons unknown, Branco backed out of the fight moments before it was set to take place and therefore the fight was cancelled. While this happened early in the night, it would not be the only fight to get cancelled that evening. The main event was to feature Cheyanne Vlismas, who was coming off of a Ronda Rousey-like victory at Tuff-N-Uff in Las Vegas, against Stephanie Alba. Again, for reasons unknown, Alba backed out of the fight with just moments to spare and the fight was cancelled.  While it is highly unfortunate that both Vlismas and Medrano were unable to fight, this is something that comes with the nature of amateur MMA. As always, the even must go on.

The fights that took place were of high quality and showed the great abilities of Mike Yanez as a very successful matchmaker. The first fight of the night saw Casey Rivera win a Unanimous Decision over Joseph Ciotti. In the second bout of the evening Laura Mejia fought a late replacement, Desiree Wilson, and was victorious by way of Rear Naked Choke. In what was perhaps the most anticipated fight of the night and definitely the most popular among those in attendance, Robin Wissman took on Brittany Kraycirik. This fight was very back and forth in the 1stround and began the same in the 2nd round until Wissman took control and put forth enough damage that it forced referee Josh Rutgers to stop the fight with both fighters standing. The reception Wissman received was unlike any other at an amateur MMA event. The support shown to her by the Gracie Tampa family, also known as Team Bamboo (Gracie Tampa West), was something to be remembered. It was perhaps the best performance of the night. Following that fight the fans witnessed Corey Samuels win a Unanimous Decision over Ben Corso. The main event of the night (originally Vlismas vs. Alba) became a 185lb bout between AOL MMA head coach, Frank Cisneros, and Mattia Fonda. Right away Cisneros displayed his Olympic level Judo as he threw Fonda all over the cage. The final throw was used to set up an Inverted Guillotine and secure an early 1st round finish for Cisneros.

It is unfortunate for the fighters affected by the cancellation of the two fights. This is a common trend among amateur MMA, but fortunately not too common. The five fights that took place were all of great quality and delivered great MMA action for all of the fans in attendance. Wesley Chapel Fight Night will be back with more events in the future and the fans can be sure to expect great things from this promotion.

In attendance were newly signed Invicta FC fighters, Delaney Owen and Ashley Greenway and they spoke with Christopher James about their recent signing.

For more information on Wesley Chapel Fight Night and AOL MMA visit: http://aolmma.com/.

The official results:

Main Event Fight #5 (185lb): Frank Cisneros vs Mattia Fonda: Cisneros wins via Inverted Guillotine at 1:41 of the 1st round.

Fight #4 (145lb): Ben Corso vs Corey Samuels: Samuels wins via Unanimous Decision:

Fight #3 (135lb): #WMMA Brittany Kraycirik vs Robin Wissman: Wissman wins via TKO at 0:40 of the 3rd round.

Fight #2 (135lb): #WMMA Desiree Wilson vs Laura Mejia: Mejia wins via Rear Naked Choke at 1:50 of the 1st round.

Fight #1 (125lb): Casey Rivera vs Joseph Ciotti: Rivera wins via Unanimous Decision.

The event was sanctioned by the ISCF.

The results are sponsored by http://www.intimidationclothing.com/.

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