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For some, dating can be something that just does not fit into their agenda, either due to personal reasons or lack of time. I can only imagine how difficult dating must be like for a professional mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC, let alone think about building a romantic relationship with someone.

Dating may come easier for some fighters for others however. For instance TUF Nations middleweight winner, actor, and model, Elias Theodorou, doesn’t seem to find any trouble meeting new people.

Any typical date may feature dinner, a long walk on the beach and of course, a movie.

As he (Elias) puts it plain and simple, his hips don’t lie and he has arguably the best hair in MMA but when it comes to movies, he is a master.

I got to ask Elias what his top five favorite date night movies were, and if you know Mr. Theodorou, you might be really surprised, or not at all.

“If my goal is to get in their pants ;)” – The Spartan

  1. Cruel Intentions
  2. Anything Disney
  3. The Rush Hour 1-3
  4. Our own home movie
  5. Valentine’s Day (God Ashton Kutcher is a cutie…)

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Interview by @AdamMartinShow

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