Bushido and MMAmadhouse step-up to help The Goat Locker fight poverty through combat sports


Bushido, ( Japanese: “Way of the Warrior”) the code of conduct of the samurai class of Japan. In the mid-19th century Bushido was made the basis of ethical training for the whole society.

That about sums up our sponsor, Bushido Martial Arts & Fight Gear Supply. Bushido has been helping the combat sports and Martial Art communities for many years, and this time they are taking it to a whole new level.

We should give you a little background on this amazing act and how it all came together. Three Years ago we brought on a well known, respected gear company in Canada, Drako Impact Sports, as a sponsor of MMAmadhouse.  This company has shown a lot of respect for the local MMA scene, and we have been honored to work with James Findlay and Eric Diopla to help promote the events and fighters Drako Impact Sports has partnered with. As our relationship with Drako grew we began working with their parent company, Bushido Martial Arts & Fight Gear Supply.


Late last year MMAmadhouse started working with Filipino fight league, Smoker Fights, to help their events get international exposure. CEO and Founder of Smoker Fights and Deputy Executive Director at Kinasang'an Foundation Inc.,Vince Vicente, introduced us to the owner of Goat Locker Boxing Gym and Underground Battle fight league, Ferdie Abadilla Munsayac. During some great conversations I find out Ferdie is an ex Navy officer who started a gym and fight league to help the local fighters. He also created the Goat Locker Sponsorship program to help local fighters who live in poverty.


528983_496435873751938_1164811099_n As Goat Locker Boxing Gym has grown, so has the need for gear. MMAmadhouse figured. why not at least get them new sets of hand wraps for all the fighters in the scholarships program. I shot a message to Eric and James at Drako, asking for a price and a shipping total. What happened next is one more reason why I love this sport and why our sponsors are the best.

James calls me say “Skip, so you need some gear?”. I breakdown the situation to James and he says, “Ok I'll send you a total later today”. Instead of a total I get a phone call early the next morning from James.  At the time I did not realize the weight of what he was about to say. “Skip I talked with Ian Karpinski (owner of  Bushido), and they want to help out on this.” For the next few min James lays out a plan of attack that basically consisted of Bushido …… outfitting the all of the scholarship fighters with the best gear from top of the line brands they carry.

After hanging up the phone I sat there in awe of what they had just done. I don't know of any company in the industry who has stepped up to this scale to help fighters 5,000 miles away who live in poverty. Bushido and their team had come through on a whole new level. I wanted to tell the world right then and there. But, I felt this situation deserved better then an unofficial announcement. With much respect and gratitude, I'd like introduce you folks to Bushido Martial Arts & Fight Gear Supply, The Goat Locker Boxing Gym and Drako Impact Sports through this press release.

So the Goat Locker has a scholarship program and the fighters in it will be receiving this amazing gift from Bushido. To give you some more insight to the Goat Locker Scholarship is Ferdinand Munsayac in his own words.




Ferdinand Munsayac-  I have mentioned that the gym offers scholarships, right? Well, that’s actually the gym’s primary goal.

The gym only offers scholarships to those who are “willing” and “dedicated”. How does one become a Goat Locker scholar? Most scholarships are offered to the “mahirap” or poor. But this doesn't mean that it is randomly given to poor/homeless kids, you must also have the skills, and of course, a dream. That’s why it’s called “GYM NG MAHIRAP NA MAY PANGARAP”. You will have to undergo an interview. You will be assessed. Once the team sees that you deserve to be a scholar, they will give you that chance. But be sure not to blow it! This opportunity comes only once in a lifetime.

What are the benefits of being a scholar, you may ask? Aside from being able to train for free and compete in tournaments, you will gain self-confidence and discipline. You get paid well, daily monetary allowance, shoes, uniforms, boxing gears and vitamins shall be provided for all the fighters and scholars of the gym. Right now, there are 32 fighters in the team goat locker, ‘amateur boxers, ages 11-20 years old and Professional Boxers, Professional Muay Thai fighters ages 18-30 years old and Mixed Martial Artists, ages 22-42 yrs old. The majority of these fighters have competed, participated & won in various boxing, Muay Thai & MMA tournaments.’

As of today, both the gym and the team continue to grow. They have come a long way and deserve all the help that we can give them for what the have accomplished for the local combat scene and helping better their communities. TGLBG’s owner, Ferdie Munsayac, is Vice President of NMKBCP (National Muay Thai Kick boxing Council of the Philippines) of the whole chapter in Luzon and also the Muay Thai Director of the World Boxing Council (WBC) in the Philippines. Beneficiaries of The Goat Locker Boxing Gym: Fighters and Scholars;  Red Cross Philippines; Manila Boystown Complex


Who is Bushido Martial Arts Supplies?

Bushido Martial Arts Supplies was established October 7, 1994 and has become Western Canada’s largest Martial Arts Manufacturer. We recognized Bushido had the world of opportunity to transform into your best choice martial arts and fight gear supplier in all of Canada and therefore we acquired the business in June 2008. There have been many challenges for us from renovating our warehouse and reception, redesigning our POS system, website and catalogue to rebuilding our inventory levels and implementing new processes and procedures.

We took over the business with an uninviting reception and a warehouse that was disorganized. It took us 4 months to rebuild our reception and warehouse shelving and bin systems. Now we have an inviting reception with our products on display as well as a completely organized warehouse and storage system where product management is efficient.

Even though we support the entire fight arena of sports, our core business is traditional martial arts and boxing. We aspire to always have stock of the products we offer. However due to the extremely wide range of our products it is impossible to have every product in stock all the time. If we are out of a product that you order we will follow-up and inform you before we ship.

During 2009 we are going to concentrate on building our inventory levels so that we can meet your needs with a continuous supply of our products.

We have introduced a ‘pick & pack’ system and a final inspection process before shipping occurs. If we have your email, you will receive notification of your tracking number.

We have also introduced our website and this catalogue that displays all our new products and images with descriptions and stock codes. By matching the stock code to your order we will improve communication and understanding of what products it is you wish to purchase.

We have implemented an aggressive ordering system that will minimize delays. All stocked orders are shipped within 24 hours (working days).

Because we stock substantial levels of inventory and with our great sourcing abilities, we can provide you a level of service and price that will be hard to beat.


We are very excited about Bushido and have comprehensive plans to improve and expand our company. We believe in developing strong long term relationships with our customers and our hope is that we can all grow in business together. We stand behind our mission statement and will continue to keep focused so that we realize our promise.


Bushido Mission Statement:

Your best choice martial arts and fight gear supplier ensuring you can perform your best through our quality customer service and products, offering you value for money through research, innovation and our passion for the sports.

Please explore this web site to see the products that we offer. You will find an impressive amount of products in stock, with new ones being added weekly. If you have any questions about our web site or in general, please feel free to contact us

Interview with Bushido

Interview with TGLBG









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  1. Dennis Guevara
    Wow! I am so excited to see where this partnership will bring us. Thank you very much, Sir Skippy and the rest of MMAMADHOUSE! More so to Sir Eric, Sir James and Sir Ian! May God bless you always and may your businesses flourish well over your expectation. We at TGLBG owe you bigtime and we appreciate your gesture very much. In behalf of Jefe Ferdie and the rest of the fighting goats, thank you very much! God be with you always! OSSU!
  2. Ferdie MUNSAYAC
    MMA Madhouse & Bushido took TGLBG's advocacy of "BEATING UP POVERTY" to the next level!!!THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! ALL OF YOU GUYS, ROCK!!!SPECIAL THANKS TO DOC VINCE VICENTE for our endorsement to MMA Madhouse!!
  3. Ferdie MUNSAYAC
    Mr. Ian Karpinsky,THANK YOU SO MUCH for stepping up to the plate & taking care of my ENTIRE Team!!!THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO US!!!!We are so GRATEFUL & THANKFUL for everything!!!MAY GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR TEAM!!!FERDIE MUNSAYAC TEAM GOAT LOCKER & HEAD GOAT
  4. Ferdie MUNSAYAC
    BUSHIDO,your TEAM surely "BROKE THE CHAINS" in helping TEAM GOAT LOCKER through all the Combat Sports Gear you sent us!!!Forever Grateful!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!TEAM GOAT LOCKER

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