Danyo Ilunga signs with FFC!


Danyo Ilunga signs with FFC!




Danyo Ilunga signs with FFC!

Ahead of its first event in 2015 scheduled for March 13 in Sarajevo, FFC reinforced its ranks with one of the biggest names so far – Danyo Ilunga, light heavyweight kickboxer from Kongo.

This 28th year-old kickboxer is currently No 1 on Glory light heavyweight ranking lists. The only two fighters that managed to defeat him in last five years were Tyrone Spong and Saulo Cavalari, while his current professional score is 49 wins and only five defeats. He scored as many as 40 wins via KO and has one of the highest percentages in professional kickboxing in general.

In 2013 at Glory's light heavyweight tournament Ilunga defeated Boudizi in the quarterfinals and Dustin Jacoby in the semifinals. However, Tyrone Spong stopped him on his way to the top in the finals. Nevertheless, in the following three matches the fighter from Kongo defeated Duut, Stoica and Hutnik and thus proved he belongs among the top fighters.

Some of the fighters that Ilunga defeated include Stephane Susperregui, Ali Cenik, Nenad Pagonis, Wendell Roche and Filip Verlinden. Ilunga is a four-time kickboxing world champion as well as a four-time Muay Thai world champion.

"We are extremely proud that we have such a big name in Final Fight Championship. I think Danyo Ilunga needs no special introduction since he is the world's best fighter in light heavyweight division and No 1 on Glory raking lists. It is also an important indicator of the reputation FFC has in the international fighting sports scene since fighters such as Ilunga fight only in top promotions,“ said the FFC President Orsat Zovko and added:

“We will soon reveal more details on Ilunga's debut in the FFC and we hope it will be as soon as possible.“

Current FFC light heavyweight champion Igor “The Istrian Warrior“ Jurkovi? might soon have to defend the belt, but such plans are not yet confirmed.


Zagreb, February 23, 2015.

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