Former UFC fighter Elias Silvério faces Udi Lima at Araca Fight 2017


Former UFC fighter Elias Silvério faces Udi Lima at Araca Fight 2017


Former UFC fighter Elias Silvério faces Udi Lima at Araca Fight 2017

Arte Araça Fight 2017 (1)On May 26 the city of Araçariguama will have a night of heavy fighting with the Araca Fight 2017 that announced his card of fights with seven title fights, but that was already good got better. The event announced the agreement to hold a match in the rules for submission of the athlete former UFC Elias Silvério and one of the greats of the struggles in Brazil, Udi Lima. This super fight will give the winner the belt mode. With this added struggle, the event now will feature Muay Thai fights, MMA Amateur, Professional MMA and Submission.

After gaining notoriety on the national scene, Elias Silvério got his spot in the UFC and there made 5 fights, winning three of them. Since his return to the national struggles scenario, "Xuxu" will make his first big fight in a different mode of MMA. For this great fight, Elias this honing his jiu-jitsu in one of the most traditional clubs of São Paulo, the Jiu-Jitsu Barbosa aware of the tough task that will face when facing an expert in the sport.

The veteran Udi "The Hero" Lima is away from the cages since 2015 due to a hand injury. Recovered and ready to return to active, Udi will have another great chance to show all his quality in jiu-jitsu, art consecrated the scene of fights and also in MMA where he won 24 victories by submission. Representative Ryan Gracie São Paulo "Hero" has strong partners in their preparation as the multi champion Celso Venícius.

The Araça Fight 2017 takes place on May 26 in the city of Araçariguama and fight fan, interested in watching this and other great fights live, just attend the event with 1 kg of non-perishable food to be accessible. Check out the complete card of Araça Fight 2017:

Araca FIGHT 2017
On 26 May, in the gym of campeõs in Araçariguama - SP

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